Innovation in Scada/HMI Technology

Innovation in Scada/HMI Technology

Empowerment and flexibility with Movicon...

...more than 20 years
The next generation for Scada/HMI has arrived !

The next generation for Scada/HMI has arrived !

Movicon.NExT transports you into the future of Scada/HMI software technology

.NET Framework, WPF, XAML, OPC UA, HTML5, Silverlight and more...
Web client and Mobile visualization

Web client and Mobile visualization

Get your automation realtime data on the move from anywhere

Deploy and access your applications from wherever and whenever
Plant Intelligence

Plant Intelligence

Analyze your plant information and obtain KPI, OEE and Downtime with ease

Increase performance and productivity with MovTracer..
Join the Movicon community!

Join the Movicon community!

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Take advantage of sharing your Movicon Scada/HMI knowledge...

Progea, innovators in
software automation 

Progea's vast experience and SCADA/HMI technology know-how is reflected in Movicon™, a state-of-the-art software platform for every industrial automation need.

Progea's software products are entirely based on open standards and are very powerful and straight forward to use. Movicon™ and all the other Progea software products are deployment flexibility guaranteed to empower your company with visualization and control solutions that are independent from hardware. Quality and reliability are guaranteed with 20 years of customer satisfaction.

Automation Platform.NExT™ redefines SCADA/HMI standards and rewrites the future by creating a new product generation totally based on the new WPF graphics technology with integrated OPC UA communication technology-based model. The innovative SCADA/HMI technology revolutionizes the concepts of supervision and control.  The most modern and advanced software technologies are integrated in an unique software to offer a new supervision system and man-machine user interface experience...

Movicon 11™ is reliable, flexible, powerful SCADA/HMI and XML-based technology with a firm hold on the market with more than 80.000 applications deployed worldwide. It is very flexible and offers a complete and powerful set of features that can be deployed in embedded HMI WinCE-based systems right through to the most modern SCADA platforms based on Windows 7/8 and servers.
Movicon 11 is a complete and sophisticated platform that can guarantee the reliability needed for any mission-critical application, from small HMI to large SCADA servers.


"I'm really surprised about what Movicon can do. I'm long experienced with many other Scada software, but Movicon really is the most complete, powerful and simple I've never tried".

Sam Kowalski- Chief Engineer, STC Group LLC

“My project was a complete success thanks to the combination of Progea’s intuitive development software combined with what I consider to be the best customer and product support I have ever experienced. Not only was I able to accomplish all of my initial development goals, but also added many features and options that were not possible with other SCADA/HMI development programs.”

Vince Puruczky - Owner, FlowSync, LLC.


Latest News

31 May 2016

Movicon.NExT 3.0: what’s new?

SPS Parma 2016 was the occasion for Progea to showcase the long awaited preview of the latest Movicon.NExT 3.0 release. Movicon.NExT, based on the Automation Platform.NexT technology, is the modular.NET platform designed to make industrial software more open and scalable.... [LEGGI...]

28 May 2016

Pro.Energy.NExT: the most innovative technology for energy monitoring and control

Pro.Energy NExT 3.0 as a Platform.NexT function module, it can now be combined as an option to Movicon.NExT. The sales policy has completely changed with prices oriented towards the product as an option and not as a stand-alone product.... [LEGGI...]

27 May 2016

Progea at SPS 2016: great success with record breaking attendance!

The SPS 2016 was recently held in Parma as the most important automation trade fair in Italy and an excellent ocassion for Progea to showcase their latest novelties in the ambient of automation software to the public...... [LEGGI...]

17 May 2016

Special Events to celebrate 25 years of Progea activities!

Progea went into operation on the 1st January 1991 as a small software house in Modena, Italy operating in the Industrial automation sector. Today, in 2016, Progea celebrates 25 years as an affirmed industrial company reality computing a long journey marked out by small and big step that have led the way to....

Upcoming Events

Software solutions for Industries:

  • Automotive

    Progea software solution provides automotive companies with powerful software to manage production lines, visualize assembly and minimize downtimes, reduce costs of operation and application development...

  • Food & Beverage

    Progea provides superior solutions for Food and Beverage manufacturers, where reaching standard requirements need perfect monitoring, control, reporting, trending and alarming...

  • Building Automation

    Progea’s provides supervision solution for intelligent buildings. Scada/HMI Movicon™ BA offers all the great advantages of ‘Open’ software for integration and visualization of automation systems for modern buildings...

  • Infrastructures

    Progea software solutions are designed for all physical and organizational infrastructure types, arming users with tools to navigate and control systems from individual buildings to entire infrastructure building  blocks...

  • Manufacturing

    The unrivaled openness and flexibility of the Movicon architecture makes it the perfect Scada/HMI supervision solution appliable to any manufacturing sector and in the world of automation...

  • Energy

    Today energy is a major world issue. Power plants, Co-generation, Renewables need to work around the clock to meet end customer demands without risking non-delivery or waste...

  • Oil & Gas

    Our Movicon project solutions for the oil and gas industry are designed on the understanding that this is a intrinsically complex field...

  • Pharmaceutical

    The Pharmaceutical industry is commited to discovering and manufacturing medicine to help cure and recover from illnesses so that we can live healthy and productive lives to the full possibility of our means ...

  • Water & Wastewater

    Clean water is a primary concern for Water and Wastewater organizations who must prioritize meeting regulations and reducing costs. Centralized monitoring, controlling and reporting from Movicon provides...