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Progea is one of the leading companies in software technology for visualization, remote control, data acquisition, analysis and system management for industrial automation.  Since Progea went into operation 25 years ago, their software products have been installed in over 100,000 applications worldwide as evidence of their quality, innovation and reliability.  

 About us

A very dynamic company with a young management and a motivated group features strong in Progea, an innovative company for vocation and one of the leading software producers for industrial supervision…

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 Software Solutions

Progea’s vast experience and know-how in SCADA/HMI technology have empowered them to achieve the state of excellence in Movicon® one of the most innovative SCADA/HMI software products on the international market today…

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The Progea Services ensure highly qualified technical support to guide and assist customers in their every application need. The mission of the Training and Customer Care Services is to make sure customers achieve the highest productivity possible...

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The software technology
for Industry 4.0 connectivity  

The Progea software technologies are applied in all automation and process control sectors to connect, visualize and analyse.

Innovation and flexibility are crucial elements to the automation sector. So much so that Progea offers an all-in-one integrated ambient that can be used for any type of automation project. Movicon™ is in fact an industrial platform that can quickly create supervision applications with simplicity for all automation sectors. Applications can be created for absolutely everything whether it be for big redundant architectures in process control, small HMI applications, or modular Intelligent Plant solutions, IIoT connectivity, Historian, Connectivity and Augmented Reality.

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 SCADA software for supervision systems

The Movicon technology is used for supervision and control in all industrial sectors. It is open, flexible, innovative, simple but at the same time powerful and adapts to SCADA, GeoSCADA, HMI, Control and analysis architectures.

 HMI Software for embedded systems

Movicon is also available for HMI operator interface systems with modular and flexible solutions. It offers an all rolled into one configuration environment for application types from PC, PC Embedded, Windows CE and Win10 IoT.

 Historian and Data Analysis

The Progea solutions offer convenient and efficient systems to collect any type of data from the field and any type of production data from any production level, to aggregate and record in relational databases or in the Cloud.

 Industrial IoT

Progea offers innovative solutions for Industrial IoT projects that permit any type of device to connect and communicate with others from any location point for efficient data acquisition management.

 Supervision for Intelligent Buildings

Of all the Building Automation solutions, Movicon offers a specially designed solution to satisfy all building system supervision and integration needs thanks to the SCADA technology and a great selection of specific drivers.

 Plant Intelligence, OEE, KPI, Downtime

Progea offers solutions designed especially for integrating tools in any production system type to use for collecting and recording data to enable the monitoring and analysing of productivity efficiency. This can be achieved in just a few clicks by using the integrated OEE, Key Performance Indicators and Downtime managements.

 Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Progea offers solutions aimed at creating any type of energy efficiency monitoring system with great simplicity. Data can be collected from the field and managed to perform effective consumption analysis. Other evoluted functionalities are included such as notifications and load balancing.

 Data access via Web

All the Progea supervision and analysis technologies support the use of the web to access data safely in the most simple and efficient way possible. Historical and real-time data can be accessed with any web browser from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone device by using a specific App.

Software platforms to enhance your applications!


The Progea Software technology offers maximum system connectivity and integration. I/O Drivers and OPC UA included to provide openness towards custom protocol integration and enable greater interoperability among systems such as PLCs, PAC,CAN, Sensors and Field Buses and instrumentationConnectivity with MES/ERP (e.g. SAP) using OPC UA.  


The Progea graphical display technology is one of the most advanced and modern around.  New WPF/XAML graphics rendering engines and new graphics libraries offer evoluted HMI, powerful, standard and parameterizable interfaces. Multitouch, independent from screen resolution, Multilanguage and much more for a new usability experience.

  Alarms and Events

The alarm management enables transparent and effective visualization, historical logging, analysis and notification. All events are recorded on DB with tools to perform statistical analysis on downtimes. Notification by email, Voice or SMS will keep you informed whenever and wherever. The Audit Trace keeps track of all operations performed and commands executed.


The Progea software products guarantee maximum data protection with 128 bit coding algorithms. Maximum integration with operating system security and Windows Services, User and Password management, Redundancy management (Hot Backup) and Auditing guarantee your projects with security and reliability.

 Historian, Cloud and Analysis

The Progea technology offers powerful solutions for recording data, using a Historian and Data Loggers. Process data are recorded on SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL. Powerful analysis tools such as Reports, Trends and Dashboard are included to empower Plant Intelligence. Data can be recorded and analysed in the Cloud with Ms Azure support.  

 Efficiency Managment

The Progea technology offers advanced and fully integrated functionalities to manage all your production needs from machine to enterprise level.  These include tools for managing productivity efficiency in terms of energy and performance with the use of Performance Indicators such as OEE, KPI and Downtime.  This combined Plant Intelligence will enable you to create advanced and transparent Information Management systems with no effort at all.      

 Industrial IoT

The Progea solutions offer maximum connectivity to compliance with Industry 4.0. IoT connectivity come with the PubNub, Azure IoT and MQTT protocols to ensure that each Internet of Things (IoT) solution is completely connectivity-enabled. Progea also supports the realization of applications for micro devices based on Windows 10 IoT (e.g. Raspberry PI).    


The Progea Solutions have also been designed with simple maintenance in mind for diagnostics, data collection, statistics and Virtual Reality applications.  Simple maintenance, upgrading and installed product management ensure that your solutions always have value. 


 Web Client and Mobility

The Progea software solutions ensure access to your plant systems with maximum connectivity via the Web HTML5 from wherever you may be. The secure and cross-platform solutions consent to maximum interaction with plant systems using mobile systems such as PC Wireless, Tablets and Smartphones.

25Years in Operation
100000 Applications worldwide
6 Branches
45 Progea Team Personel

Why Choose us?

Six reasons for choosing us…  

Experience counts. With 25 years presence on the market, Progea can be considered a company with a long experience. A long experience that equates to reliability, professionalism, security and quality. Despite being a dynamic and young company in constant growth and expansion, Progea’s wealth of experience on the market has empowered them to create stability and confidence in facing any type of challenge. This great experience and expertise is transmitted through the success of their products as proof to customers that they won’t be let them down.

The passion for software technology and innovation runs deep in our company DNA. It is what we are. We look to the future without being scared to experiment. We face the challenges that the automation sector presents every day with great enthusiasm and optimism. Industry 4.0 is one of those challenges we face today is Industry 4.0. 0ne which we have already taken vision of and are now Industry 4.0-ready. Innovation comes naturally to us and we like it that way.

Customer satisfaction always comes first. We work in compliance to according to the most stringent quality standards. We are certified ISO 9001:2008 and use a rigorous tracking and validation procedure for our development and technical support services. It is true that the perfect software does not exist but we make great efforts to ensure that our customers get the best quality and services. We are forever researching ways to improve and would like to thank customers for their feedback to make this possible and their trust in us.

Even the best software platform is not worth anything if not supported by quality given services. Our customers design engineer special and mission critical applications every day and therefore need to have expert technicians and support services on hand to give tips and solve problems at all times. This is what Service means for our customers and this is the Service we provide them with. Very efficient presales and post sales services are the true added value of our company.

Progea dedicates a great deal of efforts to train their customers and partners. The training programs provide free courses, tutorials, examples, guidance and consultancy. Training and propagation of the Progea software technology is fundamental to expanding and sharing the Movicon products. We firmly believe in training and invest greatly in providing courses that suit every customer need whether an expert or just starting out.

Flexibility means being able to find the right solution for each individual customer. Product flexibility is want counts to ensure that the same technology can be applied in small HMI systems and in large SCADA and Telecontrol systems to great advantage and cost effectiveness of our customers. This means that customer need only use the one product to deploy and distribute in any type of industrial application. Flexibility also means adaptable license policies and business models to suit the specific needs of customers operating in different market sectors.

Sam Kowalski - Chief Engineer, STC Group LLC

"I'm really surprised about what Movicon can do. I'm long experienced with many other Scada software,
but Movicon really is the most complete, powerful and simple I've never tried".

Alessio Vaccari - Resp. Progetti, CPL Concordia

“All our projects are to ensure maximum service continuity and with Movicon we never had problems.
Development Tool is simple and powerful, easy to use and virtually unlimited potential. Great Service!”

Vince Puruczky - Owner, FlowSync, LLC

“My project was a complete success thanks to Progea’s software
combined with the best customer and product support I have ever experienced.
I was able to accomplish all of my development goals,
but also added many features and options that were not possible with other SCADA.”


Sofware Solutions for every sector of automation: Automotive • Manufacturing • Chemical • Food & Beverage • Pharmaceutical • Utilities • Energy • Oil&Gas • Water & Wastewater • Building Automation


powerful solutions for machinery and production lines


solutions for food and beverage manufacturing


supervision solutions for intelligent buildings


software solutions for every infrastructures type


software HMI/SCADA solutions for any manufacturing sector


effective solutions for energy sector


solutions for the Oil & Gas indutry


solutions for the pharmaceutical sector


solutions for water and wastewater industry

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