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Supervision in the world of Food & Beverage

23 September 2020

Productivity flexibility, production line control, traceability and greater hygienic safety is now possible thanks to supervision systems. I4.0-oriented to reduce costs in […]

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Cyber Security in the industrial systems

18 September 2020

With the arrival of Industry 4.0 and the consequent increase in connections between different devices in the field and from remote systems, […]

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Movicon WebHMI: the evolution for Human Machine Interface software

7 Mai 2020

As promised: 2020 is the year of great new things for Progea who, after great efforts made throughout the last few years, […]

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Movicon.NExT, the new 4.0 platform coming soon

30 April 2020

Movicon.NExT 4.0 is the new industrial software platform that offers the most innovative and flexible technologies for Windows/Linux HMI projects, for SCADA supervisors and MES solutions, indispensable for industry […]

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Progea’s vision of Augmented Reality

4 September 2019

Progea’s vision of Augmented Reality Augmented Reality not long ago seemed only possible in sci-fi movies, but now it has found space […]

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How to create and use 3D graphics in Movicon.NExT

2 April 2019

Movicon.NExT uses the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) graphics rendering engine. This technology allows you to create new dynamic interface vector graphics systems […]

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Building Automation with Movicon

28 März 2019

A single SCADA platform for building management Integrated building management systems require a control system which the operator can use to control […]

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Connect data from the field to information technology

21 März 2019

Connectivity between the different automation systems, remote production sites, production and operation levels, IT levels, field and cloud systems, is a necessity […]

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Supervision Projects: The importance of graphics

19 Februar 2019

For a technician the fact that project works as planned is without a doubt the most important result. The PLC functions and […]

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Head in the Clouds

24 Januar 2019

The Cloud computing technology plays a key role in the digital transformation process in Italy as well as the rest of the […]

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Let’s talk about Energy Efficiency

18 Dezember 2018

Energy consumption: how to cut down Second part Running alongside productivity efficiency is an ever increasing concern for energy and is an […]

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Let’s talk about Productivity and Energy Efficiency

11 Dezember 2018

How to use Progea’s Pro.Lean and Pro.Energy modules First Part Having the right information on how the production process is performing in […]

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Projects and amortization: why should entrepreneurs choose Progea?

16 November 2018

Good reasons for choosing the right partner Part one Projects and amortization: why should entrepreneurs choose Progea? Progea has been continuously receiving […]

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Progea and System Integrators

25 September 2018

Progea and System Integrators Mutual benefits and interests The design engineer and developer community, that uses Movicon and the Progea software products, […]

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Why do System Integrators choose to use Progea’s Movicon.NExT SCADA solution?

24 September 2018

Why do System Integrators choose Progea’s Movicon.NExT? In response to the previous article’s success, where I put myself in the shoes of […]

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What will SCADA of the future be like? (Third Part)

20 September 2018

The Movicon.NExT editor is the future that awaits us. Progea is ready to face the future head-on. Third part After having talked […]

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What will SCADA of the future be like? (Second Part)

20 September 2018

The new SCADA software technology is ready to face the challenges of the future. Second part In the first part we talked […]

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What will SCADA of the future be like? (Part One)

20 September 2018

The SCADA software technology carries over 30 years of applications in every sector on its shoulders. But what challenges does this technology […]

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