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Success stories, application cases and examples of Movicon projects.

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Water and Wastewater IndustryAcque ingegneria S.p.A.ITProcess Supervisionwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryAcque Water S.p.A.IT
Water and Wastewater IndustryAimag Carpi CityIT
Water and Wastewater IndustryAMAT S.p.A.ITProcess Supervisionwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryAntalya MunicipalityTRProcess Supervision
Water and Wastewater IndustryCADF Ferrara CityITProcess Supervisionwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryFMG Water Plant, CloudbreakAU
Water and Wastewater IndustryGruppo Acque S.p.A.ITwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryKatowice CityPL
Water and Wastewater IndustryIski Istanbul MunicipalityTRProcess Supervision25% of Istanbul's drinking water is managed by a SCADA central command system. Movicon allowed the staff of ISKI Kag'thane to be able to monitor in real time all the various processes and safety of the plant.pdf
Water and Wastewater IndustryLisbon CityPT
Water and Wastewater IndustryLyon CityFR
Water and Wastewater IndustryMadrid CityES
Water and Wastewater IndustryMedio ChiampoIT
Water and Wastewater IndustryMediterranea delle Acque S.p.A.ITProcess Supervision and Remote Controlwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryOsterbukenDE
Water and Wastewater IndustryRudan WatercontrolHR
Water and Wastewater IndustrySicilia Acque S.p.A.ITProcess Supervision
and Remote Control
Water and Wastewater IndustryBaby MOSE project for ChioggiaITAutomation and Supervision
Water and Wastewater IndustryEmilia Romagna Water ConsortiumITMonitoring and Supervisionwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryMondego RiverPT
Water and Wastewater IndustryMOSE project in VeniceITAutomation and Supervision
Water and Wastewater IndustryNile RiverEGData Monitoring
Water and Wastewater IndustryACSM Como LakeITProcess Controlwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryAeA srlITEmbedded TelemetryThe embedded telemetry of water treatment plants, wastewater lifting stations and the aqueduct networks serving the industrial groups in Frosinone, Cassino and Rieti.pdf
Water and Wastewater IndustryArmax Desalination PlantINPlant Supervision
Water and Wastewater IndustryCesena CarpiITPlant Supervision
Water and Wastewater IndustryEcofor Services S.p.A.ITProcess Supervisionwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryHERA BolognaITwebsite
Water and Wastewater IndustryVillasimius wastewater traatment plantITPlant Supervision and Remote Monitoring
Food and Beverage IndustryAbafoodsITPlant Supervision and OEEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryAndrew Peller LimitedCAPlant Supervisionwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryBarillaITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryBeretta SalumiITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryCampariITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryCantine Cooperative RiuniteITProduction Supervisory System and OEEThe production supervisory system controls productivity efficiency and the state of the three bottling lines.pdfwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryCaffè Motta SalernoITAutomatic Controlwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryConserve Alimentari FuturagriITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryDilat SpaITProduction Plan Supervision
Food and Beverage IndustryDoggie BagITPlant Supervision and OEEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryFei Foods LtDGBPlant Supervision and OEEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryFietta GroupITPlant Supervision and OEEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryGalbaniITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryGasser SpeckITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryGEA TuchenhagenDEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryGiuseppe Citterio S.p.A.ITProduction Supervisionwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryGranaroloITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryGrandi Pastai ItalianiITProduction
Food and Beverage Industryin Croissanteria LabITPlant Supervision and OEE
Food and Beverage IndustryHighland GrainsGBwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryInalca CarniITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryKosme s.r.l.ITSupervisory Systemspdfwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryKrones GroupITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryMitr Phol Sugar Corporation., LtdTHwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryMondelezPKPlant Supervisionwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryMonsanto Thailand Ltd.THwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryMontana CarniITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryMüller YogurtDEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryNAVATTA GROUP SRLITMachines Supervisionwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryNestlé – PeruginaITPlant Supervision and Controlwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryNestlé – MottaITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryNuova Industria Biscotti Crich SPAITPlant Supervision, OEE and Energy Management Systemwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryOleificio San GiorgioITPlant Supervision and OEEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryOlio BassoITPlant Supervision and OEEwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryParmalatITwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryParmareggio SpaITProduction Plant Supervisionwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryPATKOLTHwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryPerfetti Van MelleINwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryPerrierFRwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryPizzoli SpaITProduction Line Monitoring and ControlProduction line monitoring and control and production plant parameter modification tracing systems are centralized with Movicon 11 supervisionpdfwebsite
Food and Beverage IndustryTNT Crust USApdf
Oil & Gas IndustryAgile Rig & ModulesNOwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryAGIPITwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryARGO S.A.GRwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryArnaut-Petrol SAMDwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryAumaITPlant Supervision Systemwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryBazian Oil RefineryIQwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryBentec GmbHDEwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryBohr Instrument ServicesNLwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryDrillmecITwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryGASCOEGwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryENIITwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryEnichemIT
Oil & Gas IndustryFox PetroliITwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryHalvorsen Offshore & Power SystemsNOwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryHardy ExplorationsIN
Oil & Gas IndustryIndustrial Controls ASNOwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryIPLC IndiaINwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryJushi GroupCNwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryMaersk OilDKwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryMELUT Basin Oil DevelopmentSDwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustrySakhalin / MorneftegasRUPipeline & Terminalswebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryOMV Petrol Ofisi A.S.TRPlant Supervisionwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryPemex Gas y Petroquímica BásicaMXwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryPetkim PetrokimyaTRwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryPetrodar Operating Company (PDOC)SDwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryPetrol, Slovenska energetska družba, d.d.SIPlant Supervisionwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryPetrol Ofisi - Petrochemical-IzmitTRPlant Supervisionwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryPetronas gas FacilitiesMYwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryPuma EnergyAU/SGwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryQaiwan unit Bezhan Pet Co.IQ
Oil & Gas IndustryQatar RefineriesQAwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryRayco Wylie SystemsGB/AUwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryRepsolESwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustrySaipem (ENI Group)ITPipeline Supervision Systemwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustrySapioITwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustrySGS SpAITProcess Supervision and Visualizationwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustrySOCARAZwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryTESCO (now Nabors)CA/USwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryTexacoEC
Oil & Gas IndustryTratec NorconNOwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryTullow Ghana Ltd.GHFPSO Central Scada Systemwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryWeatherford Oil Tool GmbHDEwebsite
Oil & Gas IndustryWestern CoalIN
Oil & Gas IndustryWhiteTowerGBPower Station Turbine and Balance of Plant
Steel & Iron IndustryAcciaierie LucchiniITwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryAFV Acciaierie BeltrameITwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryAichelin Unitherm Heat Treatment SystemsINPlant SupervisionThe best solution for production management of one of leading supplier of thermal processing plants for automotive and wind power industries.pdf
Steel & Iron IndustryAluminios del UruguayUYwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryAluminium Extrusion CompanyNZwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryArcelor MittalINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryBenxi SteelCNwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryBhushan Steel LimitedINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryBrembo S.p.A.ITData collectionwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryCAST`AL sarl Aluminium BourbonnaisFRwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryDurgapur Steel Plant (DSP)INPlant Supervisionwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryEkinciler iron and SteelTRPlant Supervisionwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryElectrothermINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryErdermir Steel & Iron -KDZ. EREĞLİTRwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryFACOR Steel Div. NagpurINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryFirth (India) Steel Company Limited, Nagpur-A.INwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryFitch Metals EngineeringINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryFonderie THEVENINFRwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryGruppo Feralpi, Acciaierie di CalvisanoITwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryHindustan Lever Ltd.INwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryHornos y Metales S.A.ESwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryHunan SteelCNwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryIndian seamless Steels and Alloys Limited, PuneINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryJindal Strips Limited, RaigarhINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryJindal Steel and Power LimitedINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryJSW Steel Ltd.INPlant Supervisionwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryKaptan Iron&Steel Ind. CoTRwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryKardemir Karabuk Demir CelikTRwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryMehmet Gazioğlu AlüminyumTR
Steel & Iron IndustryMetal Demir ÇelikTRwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryMetales del TalarES
Steel & Iron IndustryNovaceroECwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryRaipur Alloys & Steel Limited, RaipurINPlant Supervision
Steel & Iron IndustryRemi Metals Gujarat Limited – ISPL’s (Demag)IN
Steel & Iron IndustryRefrattari BrebbiaITProcess controlwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustrySafal SteelZAwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustrySarlin FurnacesSEwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustrySSAB Swedish SteelSEwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustrySunflag Iron & Steel Co. LtdINwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryTata SSL Ltd.INPlant Supervisionwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryTransformaciones Metalurgicas SaESwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryVisa Steel LtdINPlant Supervisionwebsite
Steel & Iron IndustryVivek Alloys Limited. BangaloreIN
Steel & Iron IndustryVSP Vishakapatnam Steel PlantINwebsite
Building Automation IndustryAli Bin Hamad Al Attiyah ArenaQABMSMovicon SCADA by Emerson has been chosen for the supervision of the Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah (ABHA) Arena in Doha, Qatar.pdfwebsite
Building Automation IndustryArt Museum of RavennaITBMSwebsite
Building Automation IndustryAtla SpaITBuilding Automationwebsite
Building Automation IndustryAuchan Retail GroupITBMSwebsite
Building Automation IndustryBari Smart CityITBMS
Building Automation IndustryBennet SpAITBMSBennet SpA has chosen the Movicon SCADA by Emerson for the supervision of the lighting system in its superstores located throughout Italy.pdfwebsite
Building Automation IndustryBernini PalaceITBMS
Building Automation IndustryCathedral of AquileiaITBMS
Building Automation IndustryClivet SpaITBMS
Building Automation IndustryDucal Palace in UrbinoITBMSwebsite
Building Automation IndustryFerroviaria Italiana SpaITBMS
Building Automation IndustryFreezone DubaiUABMS
Building Automation IndustryGrand Hotel ElbaITBuilding Automationwebsite
Building Automation IndustryGruppo Urmet SpaITBMSwebsite
Building Automation IndustryMilan Car ParkingITBMS
Building Automation IndustryMini Intralot CasinoITBMS
Building Automation IndustryParc Hotel FloraITBMSwebsite
Building Automation IndustryProgea BuildingITBMS
Building Automation IndustrySaint Peter’s CathedralITBMS
Building Automation IndustrySamuel Tailored BondingITBMSThe supervision of Samuel Tailored Bonding.pdfwebsite
Building Automation IndustrySan Carlo Pescopagano HospitalITwebsite
Building Automation IndustrySIMET SrlITBMSThe Movicon.NExT SCADA from Emerson has been chosen for Building Automation of the INPS building in Abruzzopdfwebsite
Building Automation IndustrySyncroSystem SrlITBuilding Automationwebsite
Building Automation IndustryThe Meadow of the AngelsITBMSwebsite
Building Automation IndustryThun 1794 a.s.ITBMSwebsite
Building Automation IndustryVatican MuseumsITBMS
Manufacturing IndustryADEC Mitek HSPPSEAssembly Machinewebsite
Manufacturing IndustryAlea Service SrlITSystem SupervisionVegetable oil cogeneration plant to produce electricity, hot water and saturated steam with vegetable oil using a 940kW Mitsubishi engine.pdfwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryAntica ceramica di Rubiera S.r.l.ITPlant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryBorghi SpaITOEM HMIwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryBottene SrlITMachine Monitoring
Manufacturing IndustryCEFLAITMachine Monitoringwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryCeramica Best SurfaceESPlant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryCeramiche DaytonaITPlant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryCeramiche PolisITPlant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryCotto Petrus srlITPlant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryCSA Laboratories srlITProduction Plant Supervision
Manufacturing IndustryDegrea SpAITPlant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryEuroTargetITPlant Supervision
Manufacturing IndustryElettrica 77 Automation S.r.l.ITCeramic Machineswebsite
Manufacturing IndustryGIMA SpaITProduction Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryGreif IncUSGlobal Productivity AnalysisThe Movicon.NExT™ and Pro.Lean solution chosen by Greif Inc. for 115 production sites worldwidepdfwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryGruppo Concorde SpAITPlant Supervision, MES Interfacewebsite
Manufacturing IndustryHirsch MachineATMachine Builderwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryIkeaITProduction Supervision and Automationwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryMatica S.r.l.ITClay Mine and Production Plant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryM-Point EngineeringITYes we can reduce HMI interface development times!pdfwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryNK service JSCLTControl-room Managementwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryOmni Process AutomationTRPlant SupervisionMovicon has been chosen for the supervision of the production plant of a famous bathroom sanitary ceramic company in Turkey.pdf
Manufacturing IndustryPanaria Industrie CeramicheITPlant Supervision, MES Interfacewebsite
Manufacturing IndustryPellegrini Meccanica SpaITMachines and Producing Plant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryPramacITPlant Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryRefrattari BrebbiaITProcess Controlwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryRik-Fer SRLITStorage Area Supervisionwebsite
Manufacturing IndustrySIR SpaITN/Awebsite
Manufacturing IndustrySITI - B&T GROUP SPAITOEM HMIwebsite
Manufacturing IndustrySoftec SrlITProduction Data CollectionProductivity Supervision and efficiency in the lubricating oil production linepdfwebsite
Manufacturing IndustrySVI.MI.SA. S.p.A.ITProcess Plant SupervisionThe Svimisa clay pit and production plant was controlled by a proprietary SCADA developed in Visual C that had become obsolete and too difficult to modify. Their choice fell on Emerson’s Movicon.NExT.pdfwebsite
Manufacturing IndustrySystem CeramicsITOEM HMIwebsite
Manufacturing IndustryWalter Tosto SpAITCalendering Machine System Supervisionwebsite
Automotive IndustryCaterpillarITProduction Line Supervisionwebsite
Automotive IndustryDaimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.INBMSwebsite
Automotive IndustryM.R. AutomationITControl Systemwebsite
Automotive IndustryMSC CruisesITBoat Supervisionwebsite
Automotive IndustryOfficine Meccaniche Rezzatesi SRLITProduction Data Collectionwebsite
Automotive IndustryTata Cummins Pvt. Ltd.INPlant SupervisionTata Cummins Pvt. Ltd. has chosen Movicon to control the Engine Line Manufacturing.pdfwebsite
Automotive IndustryTofaş Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş (FIAT group)TRPlant Supervision, OEE and Energy Managementwebsite
Pharma IndustryComecer SpAITMachine Management and Supervisionwebsite
Pharma IndustryPolyglass SpaITSupervisory Systemwebsite
Pharma IndustryPrati – DonaduzziBRBMSPrati-Donaduzzi is a major Brazilian pharmaceutical company and is the biggest manufacturer of generic drugs.pdfwebsite
Pharma IndustrySapio GroupITProcess Controlwebsite
Pharma IndustrySiempharma SrlITSupervision of Pharma Packaging Machineries
Pharma IndustrySimav SpaITControl System Supervision
Pharma IndustrySPH Group SrlITMachine Supervisionwebsite
Energy IndustryAgipITEnergy Production Plant Supervision
Energy IndustryATENA Sintec srlITElectrical Substation Monitoringwebsite
Energy IndustryCantine Riunite & CivITEnergy Effciency ControlThe Cantine Riunite & CIV technical department uses Pro. Energy to control energy consumptions.pdfwebsite
Energy IndustryCPL ConcordiaITRemote Control and CHP Systemswebsite
Energy IndustryDelin Elettronica SrlITPhotovoltaic Field SupervisionMovicon.NExT from Emerson was chosen for the revamping of the systems of supervision of photovoltaic fieldspdfwebsite
Energy IndustryD.M.G. SrlITElectric-Thermal Production System Supervisionwebsite
Energy IndustryEGAT
(Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand)
THPower Plant ManagementEGAT company has decided to use Emerson SCADA Movicon to manage and supervise Mae Moh power plant.pdfwebsite
Energy IndustryGemasolarESEnergy Managementwebsite
Energy IndustryPhotovoltaic parkAZPhotovoltaic Park ManagementTecnoQuadri has installed a supervision system that manages an impressive photovoltaic park in Azerbaigian.pdf
Energy IndustryPOWERTRON EngineeringITSupervision of Electric-Thermal Energy Production Plant
Energy IndustryPulsar IndustryITIndustrial Automationwebsite
Energy IndustryReverberi EnetecITInfrastructurewebsite
Infrastructure IndustryBologna freight villageITPhotovoltaic System Management
Infrastructure IndustryCity tunnel in LodzPLTraffic Control Centre Management
Infrastructure IndustryEEI S.p.A.ITSupervision of Ropeways Systems
Infrastructure IndustryForlanini Station in MilanITSystem Control Management
Infrastructure IndustryFunitekITSupervision of Ropeways Systemswebsite
Infrastructure IndustryGruppo Urmet SpaITSupervisionwebsite
Infrastructure IndustryLigeamITStreet Lighting Supervisionwebsite
Infrastructure IndustryMetrou SeoulKRPlant Supervision and Energy Management SystemThe SCADA Movicon.NExT by Emerson has been chosen for the improvement of energy efficiency of the Seoul subway network in South Korea.pdfwebsite
Infrastructure IndustryNational Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)ITControl System Supervisionwebsite
Infrastructure IndustrySt. Moritz ski resortITControl System
Infrastructure IndustryThe Olympic Ice Rink stadiumITControl-Room Management
Special ApplicationAldea SrlITSafety, Alarm ManagementVerticalMan: the “Man Down” detection system by Aldea Srlpdfwebsite
Special ApplicationKERAGLASS INDUSTRIES SRLITwebsite
Special ApplicationKERATON SRLITGlass Manufacturing Machineswebsite
Special ApplicationKTF Engineering SrlITSupervision of Net Weight Filling Machineswebsite
Special ApplicationMAKRO LABELLING SRLITLabelling Machineswebsite
Special ApplicationM-Point EngineeringITwebsite
Special ApplicationS&H SystemsGBControl System
Special ApplicationStaffordshire Fire BrigadeUKSimulated Fire Training SystemMovicon.NExT for Staffordshire Fire Brigade, UK.pdf
Special ApplicationUniproget S.r.l.ITSupervisionUniproget uses Emerson’s Movicon 11 version SCADA when it comes to design engineering supervision projects that require top quality graphics and connectivity towards a diverse range of devices.pdfwebsite