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The Movicon SCADA systems offer all the best advantages of open and flexible automation solutions.

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Special Applications
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Special Applications

2 May 2019

Uniproget, Bridge supervision software projects developed with Progea’s Movicon platform

Uniproget uses Progea’s Movicon 11 version SCADA when it comes to design engineering supervision projects that require top quality graphics and connectivity towards a diverse range of devices.

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Special Applications

2 July 2018

QView: HMI created on its own

Yes we can reduce HMI interface development times!

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Special Applications

7 June 2018

Progea’s Movicon keeps lone workers safe

VerticalMan: the “Man Down” detection system by Aldea Srl

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Special Applications

1 March 2018

Simulated fire training system

Movicon.NExT for Staffordshire Fire Brigade, UK.

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