Case Study

Istanbul chooses Movicon
for water purification

ISKI decided to use Movicon by Emerson for the renovation of
Potable Water Treatment Plant that treats 25% of Instanbul’s
water consumption.

The whole potable water system of Istanbul is managed via a central command system called SCADA. All data on occupancy rate of water resources, rainfall, pressure values in potable water lines, water value in storage tanks are transferred instantly to the center, which can directly address to the system. ISKI Kagıthane Potable Water Treatment Plant consists of interrelated systems working and interacting in a variety of ways. Some of these systems operated automatically, others were operated manually by ISKI staff.
This type of control method had two disadvantages:

1. The need for different expert personnel for each system, and complexity on inter-system coordination.

2. The absence of any energy monitoring and management system in the facility prevented the energy consumption and electrical malfunctions from being addressed efficiently.

ISKI Kagıthane Potable Water Treatment Plant can treat 728.000 m³ of water per day, which corresponds to 25% of Istanbul’s water consumption. The plant was founded in 1956 and since then has come up with many renovation projects to meet the technological standards. In 2019, as part of the continuous
redevelopment of the plant, ISKI decided to address Kontrolmatik for the upgrade of all the automation systems (adapting PLCs to the field to obtain automatic control of manual systems), specifically the renovation of the central SCADA system, which can manage 20 systems that are operated manually and 5 with their own control systems. In addition, within the scope of the same work, the management of ISKI Kagıthane had the necessity to monitor the process areas of the whole facility with CCTV system and to integrate all the equipment of the field with the ISKI central asset management system.

“We would like to thank Mr Tamer Yiğit, founder of ICC Dijital Endüstriyel Teknolojiler Ltd. Şti., official distributor of Emerson in Turkey, for support us during all the project phases. We hope to continue to work together in future projects.”

Hüseyin Bilgehan Şanlı, Project Manager of Kontrolmatik

With the control room built by Kontrolmatik, ISKI Kagıthane staff is able not only to control in real-time all the processes that are displayed on the video wall with the CCTV system, but also to constantly monitor and track, thanks to Movicon, all the water treatment processes that occur in the buildings. Choosing Movicon, reports of all incoming and outgoing sources used in the system are now generated automatically at the end of the day and production improvements can be made accordingly. The establishment of the database system required for the inclusion of all equipment in the plant’s ISKI’s Kuvars® asset management system has been completed. This allows the monitoring of the maintenance planning, fault recording and working time of all devices in the plant. Kontrolmatik has decided to use Movicon SCADA by Emerson as it has shown stability and reliability when using many different communication drivers simultaneously, together with a very fast and skilled technical support team. The modernized facility features more than 80 PLCs in various machinery and process equipment such as filters, decanters, pump stations and energy monitoring points, all connected to the central Movicon SCADA through communication protocols such as Twincat ADS, Modbus, Siemens, etc. The information received from the field is recorded in the SQL database and the operator, after loggingin, is allowed to create reports of this information in
certain formats at any time. ISKI Kagıthane treatment plant and all its subsystems are controlled through Movicon SCADA. While the solution continues to work without interruptions, Kontrolmatik’s together with Emerson staff guarantees full support to the facility.

The protagonists


Kontrolmatik Teknoloji Enerji ve Mühendislik A.S is a multidisciplinary engineering company, experienced in providing Operational Technology Solutions for infrastructure projects in power plants, electricity transmission and distribution facilities, oil & gas, industrial processes, and transportation sectors.


ISKI (Istanbul Su ve Kanalizasyon Idaresi, in English Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration) is the public utility of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality responsible for the water supply and sanitation in the city. It was founded in 1981 when the urban population of Istanbul rose significantly due to the large migration waves from all around the country to the Turkish capital for economic and social reasons. Now the responsibility area of ISKI covers all the administrative borders of Istanbul province. ISKI is currently serving within two Headquarters of General Directorate, as well as a Laboratory Building, and 29 Branch Offices under Department of Subscriber Affairs in various districts, and Technical Directorate Headquarters. Furthermore, there are service buildings related to operations within the grounds of pumping stations, network reservoirs, and more than 100 potable and wastewater treatment plants.

The product

Movicon™ 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications with operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems.

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