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Case Study

Movicon.NExT for Vegetable Oil
cogeneration plants

Vegetable oil cogeneration plant to produce electricity,
hot water and saturated steam with vegetable oil using a 940kW
Mitsubishi engine

ALEA Service’s mission is to find ways of creating energy efficiency in order to save and protect the environment. ALEA Service was setup to provide Operation and Maintenance services (O&M) for plants owned by the group and third party customers by offering needs-based technical and technological solutions. ALEA Service is also ESCO certified to perform interventions to improve energy efficiency and service management. The company is part of a group controlled and coordinated by Elettra Investimenti S.p.a.The company is committed to meeting energy production plant demands for reliability and efficiency by using their technical know-how to develop and implement solutions to ensure operational continuity and high performance. The control system consists of an OMRON CJ2 PLC and a ComAp InteliSys NTC generator controller. Movicon.NExT was chosen as the supervision system which was installed with a 2000 Tag Client/Server license and an Alarm Dispatcher module.

I chose Progea 15 years ago and since then I’ve always considered it to be the best SCADA on the market and especially because it most suits my needs best

Project Manager Marco Pisano Alea Service

Elettra Investimenti SpA is a holding that creates initiatives in the energy sector as a reference operator in the new energy sector:

  • Energy Production
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Trading
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Electric Mobility

Elettra Investimenti designs, builds and manages electricity production plants as well as offers energy efficiency and IoT services. Their goal is to help partners to obtain an efficient energy resource managment system for their production processes. Elettra Investimenti’s strength lies in the plurality of services they offer targeted at satisfying a potentially unlimited number of clients and their needs by being present throughout the entire energy supply chain. This case is about a Power Plant run on diesel engines powered by vegetable oil with a capacity to generate 940kW of electric power. In addition to producing electric energy, which is completely fed into the grid, it also produces hot water and steam, by capturing heat from fumes and engine cooling systems, for the textile dying industry that uses it for processing frabric.

the protagonists

Elettra Investimenti SpA

Elettra Investimenti SpA is a holding company which implements initiatives in energy sector. Listed on the A.I.M market since April 2015, the company started then to growth so as to become a benchmark player in the energy’s new world.

Alea Service Srl

ALEA Service’s mission is to find ways of creating energy efficiency in order to save and protect the environment.

The product

This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis. The Movicon.NExT™ project has been engineered to overcome the restricted use of conventional SCADA/HMI technology.

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