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Case Study

Movicon.NExT in Embedded Telemetry

The embedded telemetry of water treatment plants, wastewater
lifting stations and the aqueduct networks serving the
industrial groups in Frosinone, Cassino and Rieti.

There are 17 plants subject to intervention (4 purifiers, 12 wastewater lifts, 1 groundwater lifting with a storage tank and a measurement station at the beginning of industrial water distribution), distributed in four areas (Ceccano, Cassino, Aquino and Rieti), with four SCADA area sub-centers and a control center operating on the web platform at the Rieti headquarters. All the peripheral devices of the telemetry system are interconnected by a VPN (virtual private network) with a public transmission protocol and shared IPSEC (IP security), which aims to obtain secure connections on IP (internet protocol) networks.
Security is achieved through the authentication, encryption and integrity checking of IP packets.The mobile telemetry of the plants managed by the plant and maintenance managers, also structured and organized by area of competence, is supported by an application exclusively realized by Intesis that is available for Android devices.

The Intesis experience with Movicon. NEXT represents a case study of success and satisfaction both for us and for AeA Srl

Vincenzo Lanave, Manager Intesis

The functional characteristics of this application make it extremely useful as a tool for remote plant management, detailing the spontaneous alarms sent to control centers from peripheral stations.The full use of the capabilities of the Progea Movicon.NExT SCADA platform by a system integrator deeply skilled and specifically engaged in the water sector, such as Intesis, contributes to the achievement of the best results in terms of reducing operating and maintenance costs as well as operational management and process control, which is more generally requested by modern plant Operations managers.
The most significant screens, created by Intesis on the Movicon.NExT SCADA platform, highlight the multiple functions made available for local and/or remote use of the system, through a personalized management of access credentials: plant and process monitoring, machine controls and management automation via interlocking parameters, alarm logging, water and energy balance reporting, management of available alarming, etc.

the protagonists

AeA Srl

AeA Srl operates at the regional level in the field of aqueduct, sewerage and purification services management as well as, in more general terms, in the management of services provided by Industry Consortia of Frosinone, Rieti and Cassino.

Intesis Srl

Intesis is a service company founded in 1988 that operates in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and is focused on automation, supervision and telemetry applications.

The product

This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis. The Movicon.NExT™ project has been engineered to overcome the restricted use of conventional SCADA/HMI technology.

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