Case Study

Movicon supervision system
of Heat Treatment processes

The best solution for production management
of one of leading supplier of thermal processing plants
for automotive and wind power industries.

Aichelin Unitherm is a leading heat treatment furnace manufacturer in India and it collects the vast industrial heat treatment experience. It is a highly reputed manufacturer of industrial heat treatment furnaces in sectors such as automotive and aluminium melting. It is a leading global supplier of thermal processing plants for the automotive, gearing, fasteners, bearings and wind power industries. Beyond it is a sophisticated and well reputed manufacturer of mesh belt furnaces for small precision parts used in the bearing, automotive and fastener industries.

The application that Aichelin Unitherm implemented consists in monitoring different parameters in furnaces. Successful heat treatment requires close control over all factors affecting the heating and cooling of a metal. This best quality is possible only when the proper data is available for analysis. The furnace parameters must be of the proper controlled & monitored, so the temperatures are kept within the prescribed limits for each operation. Even the furnace atmosphere affects the condition of the metal being heat-treated.

Movicon Scada has been chosen for Editor ease of use and for its flexibility of integration with different existing systems

S. Shankar S & Mentor and Design Chief Manager

Aichelin Unitherm chose Movicon Scada Pro Runtime licence, running on a virtual machine equipped with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Operating System. The system has been set up with the access options thanks to Web Client connectivity. Furthermore there is the possibility to send by chat SMS and messages regarding alarms occurring in the system. In addition, they also implemented 2 development stations using Movicon Scada Editor licence.

A relevant feature of Movicon SCADA is its reliability, that makes it a solid platform, thanks also to its stability, being a well spread and known SCADA on the market.

the protagonists

Aichelin Unitherm

Aichelin Unitherm is a leading heat treatment furnace manufacturer in India and it collects the vast industrial heat treatment experience.

The product

Movicon™ 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications with operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems.

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