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KOSME operates in planning and creating complete

The Kosme automation engineers have matured a vast experience in control and visualization solutions. Generally, the company use B&R or Siemens products for control with visualization initially based on a proprietary software solution developed internally. However in 2005 they
adopted a new strategy to use a Scada/HMI standard platform on the company production line defined by the Group. Their aim was to reduce engineering time, use open technology with a unified software – machine approach while maintaining the one philosophy, both for training technical office personnel and testing.

The very impressive innovative technology and openness of the Movicon system, totally based on XML, along with extreme simplicityof-use enhanced with a great variety of graphical solutions provided by the system, has sure left a great impact on us. We have been able to create user interfaces with much improved graphics and independently from the screen resolution sizes. They are much more pleasing to the eye and look very realistic, which together with the additional functionalities are difficult to find in any other competitive system.

Mr. Rondelli R&D - Kosme Srl

Their choice of Scada/HMI was initially oriented on the group’s product line. After experiencing how various systems worked, Kosme decided to proceed in creating its own line of system solutions. So in 2008 they took on a Scada/HMI platform which responded more to their modularity, potentiality and cost requirements after being quite impressed with Movicon 11 involving a five year contract agreement with Progea.
Deployment flexibility was fundamental to Kosme’s strategy in building systems based on
Windows CE and those more advanced based on Windows XP Embedded. In addition to this,
the company is strengthening its competence in its line of supervision solutions in response to the growing demand for more complete turnkey solutions to cover all processes throughout the production line, from filling through to packaging then finally loading onto
pallets. Being a crucial factor to connect different HMI systems up in a network, meant Kosme had to focus on supervisory modularity to optimize costs and get the right co-ordination in order to achieve multi-project harmony.

the protagonists

Kosme Srl

Kosme s.r.l. was established in 1981 and started operating directly with planning and producing automatic labeling machines. After a very successful year in 1987, they soon became a major company with new ambitions to expand their production range by creating a Packaging division and venture into the industrial market of packaging machines mainly being packers, palletisers, depalletisers, blowmolders, wrappers and carton sealers. These machines have been designed and are manufactured for those companies that have a medium to high production turnover. After years of uninterrupted production they branched out into another sector to form a Filling division. From Gravifillers to weighfillers, Jet cleaners which rinse, sterilize and blow dry gravity fillers to weighfillers, the filling division soon gained the same popularity and success of their other divisions. In 2001 Kosme went into partnership with Krones, a world leading company, allowing Kosme to re-enforce and expand its production line by exchanging synergies and know-how with Krones while maintaining their essential traits which have made them famous throughout the years: bespoke solutions, high performances, high reliability and simplicity-ofuse.

The product

Movicon™ 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications with operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems.

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