Case Study

Production Supervision

Movicon in the major Brazilian
pharmaceutical plant

The production site’s Supervision System
The company has recently integrated various production plant systems and subsystems in one unique integrated supervision system that is capable of monitoring and controlling the following systems: HVAC- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning EMS – Environmental Monitoring System PW – Purified Water CA – Compressed Air HW – Hot Water The various control systems are distributed throughout the production plant’s local network that includes 16 Eurotherm T2550 PLCs connected with the OPC technology by implementing over 6,500 variables. A server, based on the Windows 2012 Server, resides in the plant’s data center room as a virtual machine (VM) with Ms SQL Server 2008. The Movicon SCADA server is run unmanned on the server workstation in the data center room. Operator control panels are located in the control room together with the Movicon Client workstation and four big monitors to give operators full control of the plant. Six additional Movicon Client workstations are connected to the main control system and used together with sub-control systems to enable field operativity. The users (operators, maintenance workers, production managers and personnel) can connect remotely from any location using the Movicon Web Client technology with any browser or mobile device, such as Tablets or Smartphones. There are more than 200 users currently registered with the Centralized Users and Passwords management. These users are various personnel who have been assigned authentication based on the various hierarchy levels. This allows them to access and interact with the control system according to their authorized level of competence in the company.

We are very satisfied with the project. The Movicon SCADA technology has proven to be stable with optimal performance and very easy to maintain

Murilo Bevilaqua
Exata Sistemas de Automação São Paulo, Brazil

Plant management
The management of the whole plant infrastructure is essential to ensure that the productivity processes are efficient, with the quality needed to comply with the strict safety rules governing the pharmaceutical production sector. If not managed and operated correctly, each production line or machine with its own automation system, together with the infrastructure’s facilities, can negatively affect the process of the whole production chain. For this reason, Prati-Donaduzzi has invested in acquiring systems and procedures that ensure the maintenance of productivity, quality, and safety.

The protagonists


Prati-Donaduzzi is a major Brazilian pharmaceutical company and is the biggest manufacturer of generic drugs. The new plant supervision system was recently implemented.

The product

Movicon™ 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications with operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems.

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Production Supervision Pharmaceutical

Prati-Donaduzzi is a major Brazilian pharmaceutical company and is the biggest manufacturer of generic drugs.

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