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SCADA Movicon helps to relax

Movicon has been chosen for the supervision of the production plant
of a famous bathroom sanitary ceramic company in Turkey.

The plant is dedicated to the production of frits. Frits are produced from various combinations of raw materials that are fused into a vitreous of semi-vitreous substance.
The process consists of melting mixes of raw materials in special kilns, then pouring the mix into water and finally grinding it into a fine powder.
Although the fritting process is expensive there are many advantages to using frits in glazes, ceramics, etc. Some raw materials, such as Barium oxide, Strontium oxid, Lithium oxide, Zinc oxide, Sodium oxide, Calcium oxide and Magnesium oxide, are commonly used for special purpose production.

Scalability is Movicon’s most appreciated feature that offers the option to add new components without making changes to the existing SCADA system

Ümit İyice – Technical Director and Co-Founder Omni Process Automation

The second section is dedicated to the packaging of the frits. The frit loading and packing system is automatic and done according to 1000 kg bags or 50 kg bags. Thanks to FINS Ethernet protocol, Movicon communicates with the PLC Omron, monitoring in real-time the powders quantities that later are mixed together to get the correct compound according to the produced product.
In addition, each of the 21 silos, containing the raw materials, are equipped with motorized valves and three load cells. The latter send the weight values to Movicon SCADA which compares them with the previously memorized recipes and checks that the parameters are respected, guaranteeing a perfect final mixture. The MES system memorizes the recipes in a SQL database where Movicon is collecting and storing in real-time the process data of different mixtures. These recipes contain not only single powder values but also the entry order and mixture time values.

The protagonists

Omni Process Automation

Omni Process Automation with its powerful team with 20 years of business experience in automation and industrial automation offers turnkey projects including mechanical systems.

The product

Movicon™ 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications with operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems.

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