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Case Study

Simulated fire training system

Movicon.NExT for Staffordshire Fire Brigade, UK.

Products 4 Automation is a specialist supplier of new and innovative software and hardware solutions to the UK market. The control technology market in the UK is diverse and dynamic. Product 4 Automation has supplied systems into many different sectors including steelmaking, food processing, renewable energy, white goods manufacturing, diary, and automotive to name just some of them. In the UK there are now over 30 System Integrators and OEMs who have chosen and installed Movicon solutions. Beyond the goodness of the product and the ease of use, what helped to develop sales in the United Kingdom was certainly a better price than other SCADA suppliers.
S&H Systems has been supplying control systems for fire training rigs and many other applications for over 20 years now. It has an international client base and installs and supports systems worldwide.
A PC based SCADA system has been used to upgrade a fire behaviour training rig at Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Services Headquarters. This is used to show fire fighters how fire spreads through buildings, where temperatures build up fastest and which parts can be expected to remain relatively cool.

After four months of use, the fire trainers have given positive feedback […]. Since these were key parameters set-out when we embarked on the project that is a great compliment to us and the software we chose to build the system around.

Paul Bunn S & H Systems Design and Installation Ltd

At the heart of the control system is a PC based Progea Movicon SCADA operator interface station, which is located near the training rig in a classroom environment. This was supplied through Progea’s UK representative P4A (Products4Automation), owned by Paul Hurst, to systems integrator S&H Systems Design and Installation Ltd, who managed the upgrade project.
The control system monitors the temperature within a number of training rigs to drive read outs that display the temperature at a number of different points in a burning building simulation. It also logs readings to a real-time archive and sounds an alarm if the temperature in any area approaches a defined safety level.

the protagonists

Products 4 Automation

Products 4 Automation is a specialist supplier of new and innovative software and hardware solutions to the UK market.

S&H Systems

S&H Systems is a privately held company, established in 2002, that provides automated material handling solutions designed to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and capacity of each client’s unique operation.

The product

This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, MES and industrial Analysis. The Movicon.NExT™ project has been engineered to overcome the restricted use of conventional SCADA/HMI technology.

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