Connext OPC UA
Server licensing policy

Connext I/O Data Server offers a simple, modular and flexible license policy to cost effectively adapt to your every application need.

Connext offers a license model based on the number to tags exchanged with the field along with some optional features that can be purchased when only needed.

The schema below shows the license modularity concepts:

Project Configurator and Functionality

The Configurator (Editor) come integrated and is used to create any type of data collection project by purchasing a one only Configurator-Runtime license based on the quantity of project data needed.

Runtime License Types

The Connext licenses are modular based on the number of “TAGs” declared in the project and exchanged with the field.

TAG means any variable connected to the field in bit, byte, word, float and double/long 64bit, even when defined as an array or structure member. Single bits of byte, word and other variable types can be pointed to.

Note: each member in Structure and Array variable types count as one Tag.
Note: internal Tags are not counted (those not connected to the field).

The licenses also offer additional optional features:

  1. Historian and Data Loggers.
  2. Redundancy.
  3. Alarms and Conditions.

I/O Driver Packets

The basic Licenses offer connectivity with RTU Modbus and TCP drivers with OPC UA connectivity included on each license.  The following ‘I/O Driver Packets’ can be enabled as needed:

  • Automation Pack = PLC driver packet
  • Telemetry = RTU driver packet
  • Facilities Pack = Building Automation driver packet
  • IoT Pack = IIoT driver packet

Starting Price

€ 204

100 Tags

OPC Server

Download the complete list
of Licenses and Options

Demo Mode

When no license is detected at startup, Movicon will alert the user and run in ‘Demo mode’ with a fully functional editor and a maximum Runtime limit of two hours.