2017 Analysis and Balance Sheet. A very positive year all round!

2017 concluded with great success after an intense and hectic year of great preparation and work on innovation projects while facing the onslaught of challenges in a fast evolving world of technology.  It was indeed a year of intense work to further develop and improve the .NExT platform with the 3.3 version release.  Great work is also ongoing to prepare Movicon 11 for its 11.6 version.  In addition, numerous research and innovation projects were also initialized.  Unquestionably, the Industry 4.0 national plan has worked in Progea’s favour.  This plan has led many manufacturing companies to make new investments of which, in many cases, have involved the implementation of the .NExT platform technology in very important projects.
All this, according to the 2017 balance sheet, has earnt the company an increase in turnover of over 30% compared to last year.  A result beyond all expectations for which we would like to thank all those who have chosen Progea as a partner for automation software technology and place their trust in us.  If these are the premises, 2018 can only be a year that confirms years of investments, which we have made with great confidence and optimism.  We thank all those who use our products and, in particular, those customers who have chosen to use the new Movicon.NExT technology. We will continue our commitment to improve and grow even more knowing, foremost, that the satisfaction and trust of our customers is the key factor that enables us to grow together.
As usual and according to the plan of company ethics, Progea has decided to share its positive results with the team to the best of its means and donate funds to humanitarian associations engaged in promoting human welfare in extremely harsh situations. This year Progea have donated funds to the Medici Senza Frontiere (Doctors without Borders).