2018 Training Course Calendar ready for viewing on the web

The new 2018 free training course calendar has been published on the web enriched with new workshops and courses to suit everyone.  The first webinar kicks off on the 20th February dedicated to using Movicon NExT at entry level to be repeated on the 21st March and throughout the year.  On 6th March there is a webinar dedicated to productivity efficiency using Movicon ProLean and on 17th April there is one dedicated to energy efficiency using Movicon NExT Pro.Energy.  There is also a very interesting webinar fixed for 8th May dedicated to Connext, which looks at Connectivity, Gateway, Historian and the OPC UA technology.  The calendar continues with various other webinars until November 2018.  The webinars are structured on various arguments, including Movicon.ba the SCADA technology created for Building Automation and are open to all those wishing to get a better understanding of the Progea SCADA solutions.  These courses are a great opportunity to meet with our technicians who are willing to share their many years of experience in automation with those wishing to participate.  The aim of these webinars is to offer a training and updating service to allow users to get the best out of the Progea products and solutions.
As with previous years, this year also offers free webinar sessions.  The detailed program of the Movicon.NExT entry level course can be downloaded and viewed in the Support > training section on the Progea website.
If you wish to attend courses held at our offices, please register in advance by filling in the appropriate form provided.