Caterpillar roller tempering system

Mec-Track’s completely automatic system for Caterpillar rollers. The implementation of a new roller production line has increased productivity. The system described in this article was commissioned by Caterpillar, the multinational American company, who are leaders in technology and production of machinery used in the construction, road-building, mining, forestry, energy transportation and material-handling industries.

Nautical Yacht management system

Naval automation for Dolphin Yachts. Automation in today’s nautical sector offers innovative solutions. The Dolphin control system is just one example that offers an integrated HMI and Control solution for yachts and super-yachts. This sector has been experiencing a period of turmoil and growth In recent years.

Robotized Motor Producton Lines

OMR car engine parts production. Movicon controls and collects production data from the robotized endothermic engine component production lines of one of the most important automotive companies in Italy.

Steel Crankshaft Heat Treatment

A robotized heat treatment system for IVECO The steal heating treatment is a special process that Refrattari Brebbia has greatly innovated thanks to the patented hermetic side-shifter system on inert gas cushions. The entire process is controlled by Movicon.

Biodiesel Refineries and Production

Production system for FOX Petroli Spa The demand for biofuel is growing significantly. This is how technology improves productivity and process efficiency in the sector of new generation fuel products.

Management system in the Naval sector

Management system deployed to revamp gigantic MSC cruise ships. For the first time in history, seafaring giants underwent a ‘makeover’ to insert a new midsection. The project consisted of inserting a new 24 meter long midsection in four of the MSC Lirica cruise ships. A record breaking operation that was supervised by Movicon 11.