Solar Energy Thermodynamics

Thermodynamic Solar Innovation. Solar energy not only means ‘photovoltaic’. There is also another innovative technology that uses clean energy from the sun better to produce electricity according to the Thermodynamic Solar concept by prof. Carlo Rubbia.

Clean energy production with biogas

CPL Concordia has developed the largest biomas system in Italy. CPL Concordia is one of the leaders in zero-emission electricity production systems by producing biogas from agricultural biomass, with electric and thermal production by means of cogeneration.

Illumination telecontrol and regulation


Reverberi Enetec’s ‘Maestro’ system. Controlling the magnitude of lighting systems in real-time is increasingly demanding advanced software that can offer new concepts in remote control management. The Maestro system offered by Reverberi is based on Movicon.

Energy from wood chips

DMG in renewable energy production. Renewable energy production has promoted new and innovative solutions to produce thermal and electrical energy with low environmental impact. As a waste product, wood chips have proven to be most effective as a renewable energy source.

Electric Power Distribution System

ATC Bologna – Italy: Electric substation telecontrol system. Pulsar develops an innovative telecontrol solution for electric substations in the ATC urban and extra urban transport network system. The Electric substations (often abbreviated to SSE) constitute the electrical network distribution nodes.

Mineral Oil Extraction and Energy Production

The Mineral Oil Extraction Plant of Agip Eni According to Agip, eco-sustainable projects to optimize the use of natural resources are the basis of modern energy policies. This is how partnerships with leading companies in the energy sector can only produce good results.

Clean energy from vegetable oil

Electric energy produced by Powertron The need to produce electric and thermal energy from renewable sources is on the increase. Powertron offers solutions based on generating energy from vegetable oil.

Electric Power Substation Distribution

The public trolleybus transport network system. The Panoramica of Chieti. Atenaa sintec offers a technological solution consisting of four medium voltage power substations to control the entire trolleybus route operated by the Panoramica Autoservizi Company to safeguard the safety of its employees and passengers.

Freight village Energy production system

Clean energy for the Bologna freight village. The Bologna freight village is logistically one of the most important in Italy. It has invested in producing clean energy from renewable sources by installing a huge photovoltaic system.

Public Lighting Telecontrol

Public lighting in the municipality of Vibo Valentia. Bit Control and Ligeam have design engineered the public lighting supervision and control system for the city of Vibo Valentia using Movicon.