Container filling line

An intuitive and object-oriented interface is used to create reports within a few simple steps. This is facilitated by using wizards that are provided by the platform along with report templates. The operator can display, print and export the reports in any one of the most commonly used formats.

Auto-configurable HMI thanks to Movicon NExT

QView: HMI created on its own “I like to call our application – Movicon.NExT QView” Matteo Aldrovandi S & CEO MPoint Engineering Yes we can reduce HMI interface development times! The Project Builder is native to the Movicon development environment and is used as a tool to create graphical project pages automatically. What you gain is a drastic reduction in …

Movicon supervision system of Heat Treatment processes

Movicon supervision system of Heat Treatment processes “Movicon Scada has been chosen for Editor ease of use and for its flexibility of integration with different existing systems.” S. Shankar S & Mentor and Design Chief Manager The best solution for production management of one of leading supplier of thermal processing plants for automotive and wind power industries. Aichelin Unitherm chose …

Paint Spraying Machines

Cefla Spray Robots. Advanced HMI technology used to manage spray robots computerized with Movicon.

Steel Crankshaft Heat Treatment

A robotized heat treatment system for IVECO The steal heating treatment is a special process that Refrattari Brebbia has greatly innovated thanks to the patented hermetic side-shifter system on inert gas cushions. The entire process is controlled by Movicon.

Marble Processing Machines


Pellegrini Meccanica Spa. Pellegrini Meccanica Spa have been building machines and systems for processing marble and granite for more than 50 years. Today, their machines have become more simple to use thanks to Movicon.

Fieldbus and Movicon onboard machine


The automatic Borghi Spa machinery The most modern technology finds space on the automatic standard machinery production line. Borghi Spa puts their trust in Movicon to control machinery production.

Wood Processing Machines

Bottene Srl wood cutting systems. Bottene have been building wood cutting machines and systems for more than 75 years in Schio, Italy. Today, their machines have become more simple to use thanks to Movicon.

Polystyrene production systems


The Hirsch Machinenbau GmbH systems The production process of Styrofoam needs precision and flexibility to meet the quality standards required and to adapt to the different sectors of deployment.

Robotized Motor Producton Lines


OMR car engine parts production. Movicon controls and collects production data from the robotized endothermic engine component production lines of one of the most important automotive companies in Italy.