Supervision in the Food Industry

The Italian potato experts has chosen Progea’s Movicon solution. “We knew back then in 2011, when starting the project, that we would have to develop and integrate other functions further on in the future. Movicon’s modularity has allowed us to build and expand the project over time without creating any major expenses in addition to the initial costs.”Ivan Tedeschini CEO …

Cantine Riunite and Movicon

Tradition and future “Thanks to the Progea Platform’s integrated functions I have been able to achieve all that I planned to do at the beginning and something more.” Ing. Gianluca Torelli Technical Manager Cantine Riunite & CIV S.C.Agr. Cantine Riunite and Movicon The production supervisory system controls productivity efficiency and the state of the three bottling lines. The home page …

Packaging Solutions for the Beverage sector

360° Packaging solutions for the Beverage Sector by KOSME – Krones Group Customized solutions according to concepts based on high performance, reliability and simplicity of use. Kosme uses the Movicon SCADA/HMI platform software for its solutions.

The C.I.P. Sanitation system for the food&beverage industry

The Cleaning In Place (C.I.P.) system for Unigrana dairy company of the GEA group. The C.I.P. sanitation systems are crucial to all food production processes to ensure hygiene and quality of semi-processed and processed products.

Automation in the Beverage sector

DILAT flexibility the Food&Beverage Sectors The Food&Beverage is one of industrial sectors where automation plays a key role and companies invest heavily to install efficient and reliable systems that ensure high and hygienically safe production.

Perfect chocolates

The famous Baci Perugina hazelnuts How to ensure the perfect toasting of hazelnuts in the production lines of an important Italian confectionery company. Toasting hazelnuts to perfection is what gives a good product that extra quality taste.

Dairy Production System

The modern button production system by Parmareggio Spa. The Parmareggio production plant facilities (part of the Unigrana Group) produce butter used from top quality raw materials from the famous Parmigiano Reggiano region. The plant is completely automated with innovative and modern technology.

The Grandi Pastai Italiani Spa Automated production lines

The tradition of pasta continues with automation. Grandi Pasti Italiani is one of the most important international pasta production companies in the world producing 50 million kilos of pasta annually in three production plants by combining tradition with innovation.