Movicon NexT 3.1: evolution continues

Movicon.NExT is the new generation Movicon software based on the innovative Automation Platform.NExT technology. Non-stop work is part of a natural process to ensure that the Movicon SCADA/HMI software is constantly updated and evolved to sustain its reputation as the most advanced technological product on the automation software market today.  As a demonstration of this, an update patch for the 3.1 version has been released and is now available for downloading.  This precedes the forthcoming release of the 3.2 version scheduled for May 2017 to coincide with the SPS Parma trade fair in Italy.  
The interest and appreciation shown for this new generation software technology has awarded the great efforts made by Progea to develop their technologies to provide customers with the advantages that innovation bring in such an important new era focused on Industry 4.0.