Function Block Editor arriving with Movicon.NExT 3.0

The data information model based on the OPC UA standard is one of the innovative features that distinguish Movicon.NexT from the other platforms existing in today’s market.

The OPC UA standard is becoming even more popular as an interoperability standard both at factory floor and business enterprise level. It plays a key role in the Industry 4.0 and IoT concepts which have become a main point in industrial system and communication technologies today. The industrial internet and internet of things are strong trends for which the OPC UA has provided a communication protocol designed to develop products and systems that need to be adapted to specific frameworks.

In order to offer clients complete solutions, it is best to use standardized technologies that are reliable, secure, scalable and independent from the platform, in other words: OPC UA.

It is for this reason that Progea has included the function block editor along various other new features and improvements that together make Movicon.NExT 3.0 more complete and efficient. This new release is scheduled for May 2016 and will be officially presented at the SPS fair in Parma, Italy.

E’ per questo motivo che Progea, nella release Movicon.NExT 3.0, prevista in uscita per Maggio 2016 (che sarà presentata ufficialmente in occasione delle fiera SPS di Parma), fra le varie nuove funzionalità e migliorie che renderanno la piattaforma ancora più completa ed efficiente introdurrà l’editor di logiche a blocchi “Function Block”

This feature will permit users to create runtime projects capable of executing simple automation based on Movicon.NExT in IoT devices.

An example of this was shown using an experimental application at the SPS Nuremburg 2015. This application implemented the use of a Raspberry PI2 card with Windows 10 IoT O.S. and an experimental ‘alpha’ Movicon.NExT IoT runtime version with a practical project application for a thermoregulation visualization and control system.