Augmented Reality with HoloLens

Technology is evolving at an incredible speed and as a consequence so are the HMI concepts. Progea have always been pioneers in advanced HMI technology and were the first to showcase in trade fairs a HMI solution with smart glass using Google Glass connected in Wi-Fi to the Movicon.NexT supervisor by means of which the user could view and interact with screens on the wearable device.

Thanks to the indepth knowledge of Windows 10 and Windows 10 IoT, and the WPF technologies on which Movicon.NexT is based, Progea has developed an app for HoloLens that can connect as Client to the Movicon.NExT supervisor creating an incorporated augmented reality HMI wearable device system. It is not only capable of displaying and interacting with server screens, it can also manage interaction with dynamic graphics and 3D interactivity using the device’s holographics feature.
The first NExT AR release for Hololens will be showcased at the next SPS trade fair in Nuremburg. This release will be without 3D holographics support which will be included in the next mid 2017 release.

The first version is however capable of offering a new and futuristic experience in HMI interaction using the Augmented Reality concepts applied to industrial automation.
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