Problem using Parameters with Report Designer for make a WEB report

Problem using Parameters with Report Designer for make a WEB report

  • 20 Mai 2013 um 10:14 pm #19458

    Hello.I’m using Report Designer for make one report that use parameters for filter data in dataloggers.I define a DateTime parameter, for filter de LocalCol Column of a DataLogger. Put de FilterString to the XtraReport Object, and work very well from Movicon.But when I use the option Create Report Web Page, Mozilla Firefox, don’t ask me for the parameters values.If I don´t use Parameter all works fine from WEB Browsers, but when use parameters for filter data the WEB interface ASPX don’t show me any UI interface for put the parameters values an Submit.How Can I use Parameter with Report Designer for make a WEB report?Thanks very Much

  • 30 Mai 2013 um 10:38 pm #19459

    For the management of parameters on a webclient, you should change the web page by inserting the necessary checks.

     In this case, you will first need to create the Web page using the ‚Create Web Report Page‘ command which becomes available when right mouse clicking on the DataLogger object. Once the Web page has been created (PC will need to have an IIS Web Server properly configured ) The controls used for managing filters must be inserted in the ‚.aspx‘ page, containing the report. Need to modify manually inserting code for interacting with the report and to manage filters.

    Then you could use a button that open an Internet Explorer session passing the name of the ‚.aspx‘ page to be opened.

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