Default Screen in android

Default Screen in android

  • 27 Januar 2014 um 5:26 pm #19460

    Hi, Can we make a default sceen in android application so when its connected, it directly open the default screen.

  • 30 Januar 2014 um 4:20 pm #19461

    Hi ,

    I did the same thing in my applications with Movicon, are only a couple of lines with VB code.

    You have to use the IsRemoteClientView, SynopticCmdTarget Function.


    You could insert this code under the Main screen of the Server. (Screen script explorer level) 

    When the Main screen is loaded in the server, you will display automatically your custom ‚Web Client Main Screen‘ on the android device.

    Public Sub SynopticLoading()
         If IsRemoteClientView Then

        OpenSynoptic(‚WEBCLIENTMAIN‘, 1)
    End If
    End Sub

    This is just an example, you can do much more with this function.

    For example match the function to a variable, to create web client side, an automatic screens selection .

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