Active Username | Report Designer

Active Username | Report Designer

  • 24 Januar 2020 um 12:25 pm #35457

    My client wants to see who’s printing the log. (on report).
    I also want to write that activated users name in Movicon , to another programme called report designer.How can ı do that?

  • 24 Januar 2020 um 5:25 pm #35460

    Hi Tarik,
    In the report designer toolbox there is a field called „Page info“ , if you edit this field you have the option „Page information“ , you have to select User Name.
    In addition if the above is not enough for your application you can also check the ES_ReportDesignerParameters available here on this site in the Movicon 11 resources.
    On this example through a script are passed some parameters including the user info logged in the application.


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