AGLink40 error with S7 driver

AGLink40 error with S7 driver

  • 26 Dezember 2019 um 9:01 am #35240
    [email protected]

    I created a project in Movicon.Next with s7-1200 siemens CPU
    everything seems fine and i can write data from movicon to my PLC tags but i’m not able to read the data from PLC to Movicon and there is error message showing
    „AGLink40 error number: ‚FFF90000’Line: 0 File:“ I searched for this error it means AGL40_TIA_READ_ERROR but i couldn’t find the solution.

    any help will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • 3 Januar 2020 um 11:16 am #35274

    The suggestion in this case is first of all to make sure you are using a recent version of the driver; and then procede by steps with a communication minimal test project and only a few variables.

    A test with Movicon.NExT 3.4.268 incorporating the latest version of the Siemens driver is recommended.

    Have you verified if you are interfacing a supported data areas?

    Best Regards

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