Alarm Filter

Alarm Filter

  • 6 Januar 2020 um 10:44 am #35293

    I’m have to filter the grid alarm window based on reason, I’ve already filtered the alarm based on message, source and so on, but now i need to filter based on Reason. If I give filter condition like „Reason Contains ‚ON'“. None of alarms are displaying. What i have to give for filtering based on Reason in Grid alarm Window?

  • 8 Januar 2020 um 9:29 am #35310

    Are you talking about real time alarms in the Alarm Windows or historical alarm events automatically saved in the DB by Movicon and so the LOG Windows object?
    If it is the log windows during the runtime you have the filter button available where you can select the Event Type = ALARM ON option.


  • 8 Januar 2020 um 10:54 am #35322

    Hi David,
    Instead of configuring the button, Can we create a filter directly in the grid alarm window? Because I already created a filter in the alarm window based on source and message. I’ve seen the filter option „Reason“ there, I don’t know why it is not working for me, maybe there I made some mistake in condition.

    Praveen Raj.k

  • 10 Januar 2020 um 12:05 pm #35340

    Hi Praveen,

    Please evaluate the Alarm Mask Filter property of the Alarm Windows

    Alarm Mask Filter

    A filter based on the status of the alarms to be displayed in the window can be set in this property. Click on the ‚…‘ button on the far right of the property to open the following settings window

    The filters are:

    Alarm ON: active alarms which have not yet been acknowledged will be displayed

    Alarm ACK: active alarms which have been acknowledged but not yet reset will be displayed

    Alarm OFF ACK: inactive alarms which have been acknowledged but not reset will be displayed

    Alarm OFF: inactive alarms which have been either acknowledged or not acknowledged but not yet reset will be displayed

    NO Alarm: inactive alarms which have already been acknowledged and reset will be displayed

    Best Regards

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