Installazione da riga di comando

Installazione da riga di comando

  • 3 Februar 2020 um 6:32 pm #35504

    Salve a tutti, conoscete per caso i parametri di installazione da riga di comando (se esistono) per movicon 11.5?
    Avrei bisogno di effettuare un installazione silenziosa, lasciando percorsi e opzioni predefinite….

    Grazie a chi saprà aiutarmi

  • 6 Februar 2020 um 11:06 am #35515

    Hi Fabio,
    I found these info in the help , Introduction > Installing and running application

    Silent Installation

    Movicon can be installed without user interface (silent mode) by using the following command line:

    path\Setup.exe /s /l1033 /v/qn


    „path“ = relative or absolute path where all the Movicon setu files are found (setup.exe, movicon11.4.msi, etc.)

    /s = silent mode

    /l = Installation language. 1033 for English (default), 1031 for German, 1036 for French, 1040 for Italian and 2052 for Chinese

    /v/qn = exclusion of user interface

    if you wish to specify the installation directory, eg. C:\MyDir, use:

    path\Setup.exe /s /l1033 /v“/qn INSTALLDIR=C:\MyDir“

    if you wish to install the runtime module only, write:

    path\Setup.exe /s /l1033 /v“/qn INSTALLDIR=C:\MyDir ADDLOCAL=MoviconRun“

    When installing MoviconBA, the runtime only installation string is:

    setup.exe /s /v“/qn INSTALLDIR=c:\temp\progea\movba ADDLOCAL=BA_MoviconRun“

    or it you which to add two Features, the syntas for the „ADDLOCAL“ parameter is:


    Make sure you don’t insert spaces one feature and the other one and the Case Senstive syntax.

    If you wish to indivate which component to install, e.g. the „Modbus“ Driver, the „ModbusTCP“ Driver and the components for the Software License, the command line is as follows:

    path\Setup.exe /l1033 /v“/qn INSTALLDIR=C:\Movicon




    setup.exe /s /v“/qn ADDLOCAL=BA_MoviconRun“

    This works in WindowsXP, but the UAC in Windows 10/8/7 will intervene asking for administrator installation rights. In this case you can use the following command line (but a password is needed):

    runas /user:administrator „c:\temp\setup\setup.exe /s /l1040 /v\“/qn INSTALLDIR=C:\MyDir ADDLOCAL=MoviconRun\““

    Considering that:

    1) the complete path where setup.exe file is found is required

    2) all that follows after the user name must be written between double quotation marks. Since the topic of the command line contains double quotation marks, the “ character must be replaced with \“.

    This procedure works only if the user is a built-in pc administrator (user = administrator) and the UAC will intervene for other Administrator level users as explained in the microsoft document:

    For other cases you will need to disable the UAC in order to carry out the installation procedure.



  • 7 Februar 2020 um 5:44 pm #35604

    Thanks a lot Brian!!!

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