Minimizing Pop-Up

Minimizing Pop-Up

  • 3 Februar 2020 um 12:15 pm #35501


    I’m doing a project where the client asked for the pop-up screens to be able to minimize, but after marking the option in the command to open the screen and running the project the button of the system bar appears as it could’t be activated but I can put the pop-up in fullscreen and close it from the bar normally.

    I open the screens as multiframe and have the title, minimize and maximize buttons box marked.

    Is there some option to activate this button or it’s not activable because of how I’m running the project (Windows 64 systems?

    Thanks and sorry for my messy english.

  • 6 Februar 2020 um 11:03 am #35514

    Hi Angel,
    I had the same issue in the past with Movicon 11.6.
    I asked at the Progea technical support and they told me it is behavior „bydesign“; when you use popup windows, you cannot mange this functions. This also because the „focus“ remains in only one popup layer …you cannot operate outside.
    I solved by managing additional opening closing buttons inside the popup windows.


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