Movicon.NExt Chinese Font

Movicon.NExt Chinese Font

  • 10 Januar 2019 um 6:23 am #30526

    in Movicon.NExt 3.4,Cannot select Chinese font。

  • 10 Januar 2019 um 6:25 pm #30546

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  • 6 August 2019 um 12:05 pm #34283

    Refer the following link:
    You have to use Texts Resource of the project.

    When opening the String Resource for the first time you will need to create at least one column relating to a text language using a window which automatically opens for selecting a language (or Culture). In this window you will find listed all the languages identified by the Windows operating system. Each one of these languages is represented with an identification that reports the language and geographical area. For example, „en-GB“ and „en-US“. In this case the first part of the identifier represents the language (en = English) and the second part represents the geographical area (GB = Great Britain and US = United States)….

    In Your case it should be name = „zh-CN“



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