OPC UA Browser

OPC UA Browser

  • 11 Juni 2019 um 11:20 am #32829
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    I am using KEPServerEX software for OPC Server and I want to connect it via Movicon.Next Client interface.

    When I add server endpoint URL in OPC UA Browser, it is added to the list. After double clicking it, it requires Windows user ID and password, and I am entering it.

    There comes confirmation window that says „certificate not validated“, and i accept it anyway. But I get OPC UA Session Failed: BadUserAccessDenied message.

    I checked port that comes in the end of my server endpoint url. It is open.

    I also checked „OPCUAClient.Config“ file and changed AutoAcceptUntrustedCertificates from false to true. But nothing changed.

    Beforehand I used to connect Matrikon OPC Server for simulation purpose. And I couldn’t do it like this situation. What is that problem with Movicon.Next? I have my college who can directly connect with those servers, but I cannot. How can I handle that problem? If it is due to some settings of my PC, what should I change?

  • 13 Juni 2019 um 5:24 pm #32856

    Certificate could not validate: BadCertificateUntrusted
    Subject: PC1
    There must be an invalid certificate on the PC…

    Please check in the path :

    „C:\ProgramData\OPC Foundation\CertificateStores\RejectedCertificates\certs“

    or in the path:

    „C:\ProgramData\OPC Foundation\UA\Discovery\pki\rejected“

    If there aren’t certificates classified as invalid or rejected.

    Try to clean this folders.

    Kind Regards

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