Recipe problem

Recipe problem

  • 4 Januar 2020 um 9:59 am #35289

    I connect the physical variables of the formula to OPC UA. After downloading the formula layout to the PLC command, there is a timeout fault and the formula value cannot be transferred to PLC.

    In addition, when I changed the connection address of Modbus TCP to OPC UA with recipe routine, the same problem also occurred.

    Similarly, there are temporary variables available for the formula in Movicon 11. In, how to configure the formula with OPC UA tag variables? Thank you!!!

  • 8 Januar 2020 um 10:16 am #35317

    My personal suggestion is to analyze the example of the recipes present on this site in the Support section > Movicon.NExT resources .
    I took a look at this example and used the same methods showed in the „recipe using a custom layout“ for my application.
    It works great!
    Best Regards

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