• 1 Juni 2019 um 12:20 pm #32657
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    Can anyone make a video how to do redundancy in and where can find command („RedundancySwitchActiveServer“)

  • 5 Juni 2019 um 4:54 pm #32760

    Hello Sir,
    Please refer the following video that explain the Movicon.NExT redundancy configuration (main steps).


  • 5 Juni 2019 um 10:28 pm #32761
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    Thank you very much its helpful
    Best regards (Frank)

  • 7 Juni 2019 um 10:05 am #32786
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    Please , how to make sure Redundancy work fine?
    how we can test it ?
    Best Regards

  • 9 Juni 2019 um 9:44 am #32791
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    Dear , Sir
    I am Engr. Hussain from Qurayatat Radio Station( Saudi Arabia). I have a problem with my SCADA it shows some eror and cannot record history.
    here are the erors.
    1. Historical Log table : system : IMDB :Internal error : Out of shared memory : has been remove.
    2. error for Data logger : incomer log : Cannot open DBMS DSN = ODBC DSN.
    3. New Data logger\ feeder 1…Log Data Logger : due to an DBMS error.
    I am using movicon 11..and Windows 10 OS.
    pls. help me sir…..Thank you.

  • 13 Juni 2019 um 4:07 pm #32853

    @ Hussainselda,
    You are out of topic on this ticket that is regarding redundancy…

    You can check the system variables related to the redundancy available in the I/O data Server and check the project logs.

    In the system tags of the I/O server there is the „RedundancyActiveServerState“ that is a boolean that is true on the PC where the I/O server is active, there is the „RedundancyActiveServerHost“ the host/PC name of the active Server….

    The projects have to run with „clean“ logs, so without errors.

    To get this info I can suggest to create a dedicated maintenance screen and insert the tool box objects:

    Alarm Windows folder > Historical Log Viewer

    Historical Data Viewer folder > System Log Viewer

    From these objects you can read the local logs and the DB logs and verify also if the redundancy processes are working fine.

    Best Regards

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