Same Tag connected to different devices

Same Tag connected to different devices

  • 10 April 2017 um 5:46 pm #22929

    Hello, I need to connect different devices, with data exchange between them. Can I link the same Tag <simultaneously> to different devices? For example, the Tag <VAR0001> is linked to read from a Siemens PLC and at the same time is linked to write to a Allen Bradley ?

  • 25 April 2017 um 9:38 am #23221

    Yes, Connext like Movicon.NExT allows to use the „gateway“ features, that means a single TAG can be linked at the same time to different devices, using different drivers.
    So, for example, you can address the VAR0001 tag to read a Siemens PLC value and the same VAR0001 tag is also addressed to write this value into, for example, an Allen Bradley PLc or whatever. So you can add more than one „physical I/O link“ property to your Tag.
    Be careful because in case both link are defined as read/write, you can have some unpredictible behavior in case of changes from both at the same time (the last win). But normally, who use this feature is because needs a gateway: read form one to write to another.

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