Update variable

Update variable

  • 22 Januar 2020 um 9:51 am #35436

    How can I to set update time for each ariable?
    I find it for OPC group – update time, but don’t find it for variables from Commucation Drivers.

  • 23 Januar 2020 um 3:06 pm #35453

    Hi Andrew,
    The solution in this case goes through static tasks.
    In Movicon 11 , in the configuration tab of the driver , you have the „Task“ tab.
    Here you can manually configure the tasks, link/associate to the task one or more variables and you can through the task property define a different polling time for each static task.
    In this way you could have a variable or a group of variables with a fast refresh, and variables with slower update time.

    Be careful not to overlap the addresses defined in static tasks with the classic addresses in the variables (General > Dynamic).

    When using static tasks the General > Dynamic of the variables involved must remain empty

    Kind Regards

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