Verbindung über Browser oder Android-APP funktioniert nicht

Verbindung über Browser oder Android-APP funktioniert nicht

  • 11 September 2018 um 5:06 pm #27858
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    Guten Tag,
    ich habe ein Problem beim Aufbauen einer Verbindung zum Server über den Browser oder Android-APP. Beim Öffnen über Java mit folgenden Befehl kann eine Verbindung aufgebaut werden und ich erhalte die Übersicht im Fenster:
    java -noverify -jar „C:\Users\User\MovWebClientX.jar“ Main 800 600

    Anzeige Terminal-Fenster:
    C:\Users\User\Desktop>java -noverify -jar „C:\Users\user\MovWebClientX.jar“ Main 800 600
    ServerName =
    SynopticName = Main
    ServerPort = 12233
    UserName =
    Password =
    Protocol = 0
    Compress = false
    Encrypt = false
    bShowMenu = false
    MouseMotion = true
    MouseClicks = true
    KeyEvents = true
    ShowStatusBar = true
    NumColors = 0
    PlaySoundOnAlarm = false
    FileToPlayOnAlarm = media/SoundAlarms.wav
    ServerName is

    In der Android-APP kommt beim Verbinden die Meldung: Server is not available

    Im IIS-Server scheint alles korrekt eingestellt zu sein, Java startet, es erscheint eine graue Seite, oben steht der Name der Übersichtsseite und unten steht „Connecting to the server“, doch leider wird nix dargestellt.

    Hatte noch jemand dieses Problem?

  • 18 September 2018 um 10:16 am #27955


    I think we should separate the problems :

    1) Web Client on the browsers
    2)Web Client on the web app.

    1 ) Web Client via Web Browser

    In short, the necessary steps for the web server configuration are as follows:

    Firstly You should verify if the IIS components are properly installed on the web server machine.
    These are components that can be installed directly from the control panel , Programs and Features ,Turn Windows Feature on
    Then you can test if you’re able to connect to the web server, locally in the same PC, by acting directly in the web browser you can set: „http://localhost/“ ; you should get as a result the „IIS blue screen“.
    Then verify Java in your PC, you could use the web (, This operation must be done also in the web client PC if you use a second PC browser as web client.
    These are a prerequisite for the Movicon web.

    If there is a firewall active in the web server PC, please switch off for a quick test.
    If you need to access the server from a PC that is outside on the LAN , then you will have to open on the router the ports used by default from Movicon Networking (80- 12233) .

    The steps in the Movicon editor are: select a screen (normally the main , the overview) right click on the screen , create HTML page based on this screen ,
    Following the popup windows, confirm ok, Would you like to create a web server IIS virtual directory ….. a second window will ask you to try if it works link.
    The Movicon project resource location must be outside of the users folders (like for example C:\MyFolder\MyProject) !
    Movicon project must be in run.
    During the tests use Internet Explorer as browser (some other browsers like chrome not support java applets)

    Before test it locally on the same PC

    2) Web Client on the web app.
    The IIS web server is not needed when the web client is an App (Only the project running)
    Verify IP address of the server PC , if it’s properly configured in the Android app settings
    Verify the networking , the access point for the Android device (wifi in the same network?)
    Disable Firewall on the web server PC
    If there is a router in between must open the port:
    Port 12233 TCP
    Port 80 HTTP

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards

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