Web Client – Data Analysis

Web Client – Data Analysis

  • 27 Dezember 2019 um 2:24 pm #35247

    I am trying to use the Data Analysis feature of the Web Client. The application stores historical values for different temperatures. I would like the Data Analysis on the web application to chart many temperatures with each pen being a different tag, the x axis being time, and the y axis being the value. The web application displays the correct axes, but the pens are not grouped by tagname, instead each pen is a vertical line connecting all of the values of all of the tags with the same timestamp.

    Using the Group By selection in the data source creates an error “ Column RecordDateTime is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause“. It was my guess that Group By [Name] would allow the pens to be by each tagname.

    The Time Columns List and Data Columns List fields do not seem to effect the selection, and when selected are not retentive on the next load of that configuration menu.

    The select field does start with the date-time field first, like the manual suggested. The Where function is setup to select only the twelve tags that record temperatures.

  • 3 Januar 2020 um 10:39 am #35271

    Hi Zachary,

    In order to rule out specific problems with your application, Have You tried to run a test with the web client and the pre-installed Movicon „Trends“ project
    You can find this sample project in this location :
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Progea\Movicon.NExT\ExampleProjects 3.4\Trends

    My tip is to run a test with this one, in order to review the settings and if there are problems the advice is to open a ticket in the support because it seems to me a quite specific issue.

    Best Regards

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