• 11 Juni 2019 um 10:43 pm #32830
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    How can publish WPF(App) and how can I browse it ? the help in movicon.next is not enough to understand this issue
    best regards

  • 13 Juni 2019 um 4:43 pm #32855

    In Movicon.NExT you can configure the web client in 2 ways:

    1- WebServer HTML5
    The access of the project is done via web browser (Google Chrome, IE, or … others)
    In this case you need to install the IIS and then you have to publish the project from the Movicon.NExT editor with the „Create Web Client (HTML5)“ command

    2- WPF (App)
    The access of the project is done via specific Progea apps that you can download from the AppStore of Android or ios and install directly on the device.

    In this case in the web server project IIS is not required.
    In order to permit the app to connect to the NExT Server that deployed the project, you
    will need to install and launch the „Web Client (WPF)“ service from the „Service Control

    Kind Regards

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