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Movicon, the Chain Stores' Supervision

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The system provided by Interel manages the lighting systems of the shopping mall. The different systems are installed in the various storage warehouses, in the commercial galleries and in the sales areas of the hypermarket and also in the food processing areas. The control and supervision system also interact with third-party systems, such as the anti-intrusion system, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and refrigerated counters.

Field automation is achieved through Interel and Beckhoff controllers and distributed I/Os. A single Touch Divus PC with Movicon SCADA on board is installed in each shopping mall. This PC, which controls the field automation, acts as a local HMI that allows the technical staff of the hypermarket to control, view and command the status of the entire structure and select specific lighting scenarios. The control room, located in the Bennet headquarters in Montano Lucino (CO), through a VPN connectivity, can access the various PCs located in the various hypermarkets, where the Movicon SCADA is running, and interact in a simple and secure way, for example by changing sequences or operating scenarios and manage and monitor alarms.

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