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Cyber-Security White Paper
IEC 62443-3-3

This white paper gives a brief explanation of the IEC62443 standard and its procedures, and provides some suggestions and activities to make a Movicon.NExT SCADA/HMI platform-based project application complaint with the specifications defined in the IEC62443 standard.

This white paper was written by Emerson to inform Movicon.NExT developers about the concepts and the best usage of Movicon.NExT in applications subject to IEC62443 validation.

Movicon.NExT platform has been audited and certified for IEC62443-3-3 by Lloyd’s Register. However, it must be noted that the product itself is not subject to IEC62443 validation but the context within which the project is created for that may be subject to IEC62443 validation. Notwithstanding this, Movicon.NExT, as a platform, has been specifically designed to support the IEC62443-3-3 standard and thus simplifies the task of creating IEC62443-ready projects.

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