Covid-19 Announcement

It is with the utmost concern for the health and safety of our users and employees that we have taken the following steps to combat the spread of COVID-19.
● We have organized our activities to allow most of our employees to work remotely and have adopted the necessary measures in the company.
● The customer support team is fully operational where deemed necessary from our offices and where possible by smart working.
● The training courses held in our offices have been suspended until further notice from new government provisions. However, training courses are available on a needs-basis by remote, by means of Webinar or Skype, according to the manner agreed with our offices.
● We have implemented procedures to ensure continuity of our services and to fulfil orders and pre-sales support activities. Our Sales and Marketing personnel and reps are available in smart working.



Innovators in Automation Software

Progea develops a SCADA system platform for supervision, data acquisition, productivity and energy efficiency applications. The SCADA software is used in a wide variety of industrial fields ranging from Manufacturing to Pharmaceutical, from Building Automation to Remote Control System. The platform is modular and scalable and can be used for both HMI project and complex supervision projects. Progea’s software products have increased with popularity throughout 25+ years in operation with more than 130,000 applications  installed worldwide as proof of their product quality, innovation and reliability.



Enter the world of Progea.



Software technology
for Industry 4.0

The Progea SCADA/HMI software is designed for power, openness, simplicity, flexibility and security with deployability in any automation and process control sector.


SCADA/HMI supervision

Solutions for SCADA supervisory systems.


Energy Efficiency

Solutions for energy efficiency monitoring.


OEE, KPI, Downtime

Solutions to improve production efficiency through OEE and KPI.


Data capture, Analysis and Reports

Solutions for collection data with Historian and Data Loggers.


Augmented Reality HMI

Solutions for HMI technology based on wearable devices and augmented reality.


GeoSCADA and Remote Control

Telecontrol, Web and GeoScada solutions.


HMI for embedded systems

HMI software solutions for PC and Operator Panels.


Industrial IoT

Solutions for Industrial Internet of Things.


OPC UA Connectivity

OPC Server connectivity and Gateway solutions.

  • Infrastructures
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Building Automation



Software solutions
for every
automation sector

Progea software offers ideal solutions that are open and flexible for engineering control systems used in any type of automation system. The Progea SCADA can be used to develop applications of all types from simple HMI to complex SUPERVISION systems.

The satisfaction
of automation professionals.



The latest generation of automation
SCADA and software platforms

Powerful products, simple, flexible and reliable, designed for future-oriented automation professionals

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Many of the world’s largest industrial companies use the Progea software technology
to supervise, manage and improve their production processes. Here a just a few: