Progea’s 25 years in operation: International celebrations!

A series of events to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary concluded on the 16th September 2016 to mark a very important milestone. These 25 years have witnessed great success and numerous targets reached to testify the quality and professionalism of a company that is in continuous growth acting as an innovation reference point for international automation software developers.

The 16th September event was dedicated to our International partners who gathered to celebrate in the Conference Room at our new Progea HQ in Modena.
To celebrate this occasion, time was dedicated throughout the day to training, exchanging new product feedback and overviewing future horizons. This was done by tracing the path of development and innovation on technologies resulting from the new generation modular Platform.NExt software based on an intense roadmap of developments.

Between one workshop session and the next guests were able to chill out with a visit and lunch at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena. In the evening guests got to show off their driving skills by participating in a KTM X-BOW car race at the Modena Autodrome followed by good food and a final celebration toast with Italian champagne to end the eventful day.
Progea would like to give a huge thank you to all those who participated in this event from Europe, North and South America and Asia and for the interest and enthusiasm they showed. Above all they would like to thank everyone for their trust and confidence in them in the last 25 years.
If you would like to see the highlights of this celebrational event take a look at the photo album published on the official Progea facebook page HERE