B. A. for home and the company

Factory and house both under control thanks to Samuel

“The chosen software, Movicon 11, is the most complete and flexible platform available on the market. Its capabilities cover almost all situations that could occur in a project on industrial automation and beyond.”

Eng. Franco Mannocchi
CEO Arking Consulting di Mannocchi F. & C. Snc

The supervision of Samuel Tailored Bonding.

The project structure has been built following father-child technology. On both sites, factory and house, there are 2 father projects that contain 2 children projects: one can be executed locally and the other remotely. This way the project available in one site has all the resources of the other, i.e. variables and synoptics, and it can use them to read the status or give commands. In addition to the networking functionality, they have used the Movicon Web Client option that allows remote access through the mobile app.

The Protagonists

Samuel, Tailored Bonding

Samuel Tailored Bonding is a company from the Italian Marche region specialized in the sartorial bonding of leather, faux leather and various types of fabrics for apparel, leatherwear, footwear, furniture and automotive.

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Samuel Tailored Bonding entrusted Arking Consulting to develop an important project with the task of creating a system that has full control of every aspect of the house and of the factory. The supervision of both systems should increase the security of the house, the factory and the workers.
The house is above the productive establishment and is equipped with a system to manage lights, irrigation, HVAC, the control of entrances, and the opening and closing of shutters. Additionally, it manages and remotely controls all the alarms connected to the security sensors and the cord operated push-buttons for bedrooms and bathrooms. In the factory, the system manages the lighting, irrigation, HVAC for each department, the control of entrances, and the opening and closing of windows and motorized doors. In addition, it manages the technological plants and the switching on/off of the machines. The system also manages and remotely controls the alarms of the machines and field sensors.
The project used Movicon 11 to manage home and building automation and it runs on 2 dedicated machines with Windows 10 operating system and IP65 capacitive touch-screen.

Arking Consulting

Subito attenta alle esigenze del mercato vengono sviluppati con decisione i settori che riguardano la domotica e la home automation con l’ideazione e lo sviluppo di sistemi di controllo per la gestione degli ambienti abitativi e di sistemi automatizzati per disabili.

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