Human-Machine Interaction
with augmented reality:
A new horizon in HMI


Progea has created installable APP modules for the latest generation of wearable devices that redefine the concepts of human-machine interaction by using the augmented reality technology.

Technology is developing at an incredible pace and so are the concepts of HMI as a consequence.  One such technology envisaged by these concepts is augmented reality and its adaptation and implementation within the manufacturing industry where it is fast becoming a prominent feature.  Pursuant to its innovation-driven approach,  Progea now offers Augmented Reality solutions for HMI as showcased at recent trade fairs.

A real-time system designed to aid operators

Real-time information at a glance will empower the operator to:

  • Immediately view accurate details relating to the current context.
  • Receive on site operation guidance.
  • Interact immediately with the control system without having to go elsewhere to use s supervision or HMI workstation.
  • Receive on-the-spot solutions when troubleshooting.
  • Make quick decisions and react accordingly to ongoing situations.
  • Have hands free to perform operations on site while still interacting with the HMI system visually.

HMI Augmented Reality? The is future much closer than before.


Progea’s vision is to create applications for wearable Augmented Reality devices, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, SmartGlass Epson Moverio or Google Glass, to aid operators with real-time information from the Movicon supervision servers while wearing them.   This new technology offers users a new interaction experience with systems that is more immediate and direct, improving efficiency, productivity and safety.

  • Immediately view accurate information in relation to the context at hand.
  • Receive guidance when operating on site.
  • Interact with the control system on-the-spot without needing to go to the nearest supervision or HMI workstation.
  • Receive guidance when troubleshooting.
  • Identify correct mode of interaction based on the situation at hand.
  • Enjoy handsfree functionality to perform operations on site while still being able to interact with the HMI system.

Augmented Reality HMI with Automation Platform.NExT.


With real and experimental solutions, Augmented Reality (AR) opens the door to uncharted possibilities in the automation industry. Progea believes in innovative solutions and has addressed the issues and problems using HMI systems with Augmented Reality. Their solutions are now ready and available to meet the needs of even the most future-oriented company of today.

Progea has created an app for Microsoft HoloLens based on the Windows 10 operating system.  This app is available for downloading from the Windows Store for HoloLens and can connect to Movicon.NExT servers to enable HMI with Augmented Reality visualization in 2D.  A version that supports 3D Holographics will soon be released to offer operators system interactivity using the Holographic Augmented Reality techniques.

There is also an app available for Android-based SmartGlass systems such as Google Glass and Moverio BT-300. Both apps will enable wearable devices to display and interact with the Movicon supervision system.

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