Movicon.NExT in Embedded Telemetry

The embedded telemetry of water treatment plants, wastewater lifting stations and the aqueduct networks serving the industrial groups in Frosinone, Cassino and Rieti.

Clean Energy with Movicon.NExT

TecnoQuadri has installed a supervision system that manages an impressive photovoltaic park in Azerbaigian.
Eight thousand solar panels, located in the Naxçıvan Automonomous Republic in Azerbaigian, for a photovoltaic park of twenty-two megawatts that produce 30 million KiloWatt-hours a year at full capacity with a CO2 emission savings of about 18,000 per year.

Pro.Energy for controlling Energy Efficiency

Cantine Riunite & CIV develops monitoring and control systems of various energy vectors.
The Cantine Riunite & CIV technical department implements Pro.Energy to control energy consumptions according to the Legislative Decree n. 102 of 4th July 2014.

Supervision in the Food Industry

The Italian potato experts has chosen Progea’s Movicon solution. “We knew back then in 2011, when starting the project, that we would have to develop and integrate other functions further on in the future. Movicon’s modularity has allowed us to build and expand the project over time without creating any major expenses in addition to the initial costs.”Ivan Tedeschini CEO …