Multiplex Cinema Air Conditioning Managment

Clivet Spa solutions for theatres and multiplex cinemas. 20 years of experience and more than 1000 cinema theatres solutions installed make Clivet Spa expert partners for comfort and energy saving with theatre and multiplex cinema air conditioning systems. Indoor comfort constantly under control with Movicon.

Big Logistics central Supervision

Logistics management in the new Thun center. Over 50 million Euro has been invested in advanced technology and automated systems enabling Thun to build a crucial hub from where to manage the logistics of its worldwide production distribution.

Historical Building Supervision

The Cathedral of Aquileia (Udine in Italy). Technology innovation with Movicon in the historic basilica of Aquileia. Management and supervision system of the entire building has been installed without effecting the historical structure as requested by the Art Superintendent.

Hotel Building Supervision

The International Grand Hotel on the island of Elba, Italy. The Lonworks and Movicon technology at the Grand Hotel. Apice Srl proposes an example of the great advantages gained by using bus technology and SCADA systems in Building Automation.

Supervision in the New Progea HQ

Building Automation in the new Progea HQ. Progea inaugurated its new headquarters at the beginning of 2016 in combination with celebrating 25 years in operation. The new headquarters is built on an area covering 2,600 square meters adjacent to the Modena ring road near the North Modena motorway tollgate.

Shopping Center Supervision

The Leonardo-Auchan Shopping Center-Rome. The Leonardo shopping center recently went into operation as the biggest and most modern shopping centers in Italy. Maximum Security and control guaranteed by the Movicon supervisory systems.

Security Management System

Urmet Engineering Remote security supervision. Urmet Engineering have designed engineered the USB/L software for supervision and remote control in the Building Automation sector. It is based on the Movicon platform to manage access control, unauthorized access, fire and burglar alarm systems and technology in distributed architectures with TCP/IP.

Carpark management

Automatic carpark in Largo Cairoli Movicon used to supervise and control a major carpark in Milan.

F.S. tower block building management

Porta Garibaldi F.S. Building management in Milan. PICO data has been developing building automation systems using advanced technology for over 20 years. They just completed a building automation system using Movicon to supervise the FFSS Italian State Railway’s Porta Garibaldi tower block offices in Milan.