Clean Room Supervision

Control System developed by Automate for SIMAV (SIRAM Group). A system to control operating parameters with the Movicon supervisory. A Clean Room is an environment used in manufacturing or laboratories for scientific research where pure air is needed. Therefore air that has a low content of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors.

Public Lighting Telecontrol

Public lighting in the municipality of Vibo Valentia. Bit Control and Ligeam have design engineered the public lighting supervision and control system for the city of Vibo Valentia using Movicon.

Underground Station Supervision

The MM Forlanini Station (the Milan underground) built for EXPO 2015. The Milan Forlanini station is an underground stop that plays an important and strategic node in the Milan public transport network thanks to the interconnecting over-ground railway and underground railway structure.

Hydraulic floodgate engineering system

The BABY-MOSE system used to protect Chioggia in Venice, Italy, from high tides. To protect the environment and lagoon city of Chiogga (Venice) from high tides, an innovative hydraulic system has been developed to control and operate the rotating floodgate barrier at the mouth of the port. The system is supervised by Movicon.

Hydraulic Floodgate Infrastructure System

MOSE Floodgate caisson management system in Venice Movicon is used in MOSE a big hydraulic engineering project to manage and install caissons and floodgates used to protect the lagoon from high tides.