Pharmaceutical Production Supervision

The Prati-Donaduzzi establishment in Brasil. Prati-Donaduzzi is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Brasil that produces generic drugs. It has recently been revamped with a new building supervision system.

Gas reproduction and storage systems

SAPIO Spa produces oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The Sapio group uses the Movicon Web Client features within an innovative and reliable technological solution for realtime maintenance updating and refueling logistics planning of thermal gas reproduction and storage.

Medical Radiation Protection Systems

COMECER Spa in PET Cyclotron technology. The recent introduction of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) – Cyclotron Medical Radiation Technology (CT) offers new imaging techniques that are of great importance in diagnosing many pathologies.

OCR Data Management in the pharmaceutical sector

SPH Group – medicine bottle data printing Movicon is used to print data on medicine bottles and subsequently perform OCR print control in the pharmaceutical sector. Good and rejected bottles are sorted out at the end- of-production line reject station. System conforms to CFR21 Part 11 FDA.

Refinery plant management

Auma for Texaco refinery plant. Auma Italy have created a hydrocarbon mixing, storage and distribution system solely run by the Movicon supervisory system.

Ammonium bicarbonate production

SGS Consortium for Solvay About 400 tons of by-products of animal origin, such as skins and raw hides, are transformed into leather after undergoing treatment. The chemical treatment and management system is supervised by Movicon.

Bituminous membrane production

Polyglass Plant. Polyglass Spa went into operation at the end of the 60’s with the mission to produce polymer bitumen membranes at an industrial level after recognizing their fundamental use in construction and infrastructures.

Gas pipeline Management System

Gas pipelines in Algeria are protected with cathode. Gas pipeline system engineered with Movicon by En-cube S.r.l., a company who have been operating since 2009 in the field of process automation and control, software engineering, artificial vision, HMI, PLC, mechatronics and SCADA systems both nationally and internationally.

Fuel control system

Petrostar system in Iraq. Petrosta have developed a fuel loading-unloading control system in Iraq for Bellelli Engineering Spa using the Movicon supervision.

Energy from wood chips

DMG in renewable energy production. Renewable energy production has promoted new and innovative solutions to produce thermal and electrical energy with low environmental impact. As a waste product, wood chips have proven to be most effective as a renewable energy source.