Clean Energy with Movicon.NExT

TecnoQuadri has installed a supervision system that manages an impressive photovoltaic park in Azerbaigian.

“Thanks to the OPC UA communication protocol developed by Progea especially for the SOFREL devices and available on the Movicon.NExT platform, it was easy to exchange information between the field and the supervisory application.”

Gianni Poggialini
TecnoQuadri SNC of Doati F. & C. Software manager

Eight thousand solar panels, located in the Naxçıvan Automonomous Republic in Azerbaigian, for a photovoltaic park of twenty-two megawatts that produce 30 million KiloWatt-hours a year at full capacity with a CO2 emission savings of about 18,000 per year. The projects has been designed and developed to allow the site’s operators to interact in a simple and quick way.

The application is installed in a control room and has the following fundamental features: 

  • One unique interface to control the running status of entire photovoltaic site. This site has expanded with time and consists of inverters, network analyzers, protection and sensors to detect environmental conditions, such as irradiation, temperature, wind speed and direction, of various brand names.
  • Round the clock control of the entire photovoltaic site with the immediate interception in the event of malfunctioning in order to restore the site back to normal working order without causing any production downtimes.
  • A data archiving system which stores all data relating to electric quantities of the site’s inverters and environmental conditions so that subsequent analysis can be run on the efficiency status of each inverter.
  • An analysis of historical data represented on graphs and tables to help operators verify whether all the site’s devices are working properly and efficiently.

The project also caters for the less experienced operator in both supervision software and in managing production sites of this size.
With this in mind the basic idea of this project was to permit operators, including those with less experience, to become familiar with the process and gain easy control of the site to make it more productive by means of using a simple supervision system.
The most important function of this project is without doubt managing enormous quantities of data collected from field devices. In fact, about 1700 pieces of data are received from the Sofrel electric panels for each inverter daily.
Overall around 230 thousand pieces of information transit daily from RTUs to NExT’s Historian database for a total of about 7 million a month.
Information is reprocessed at regular intervals by means of the SCADA’s scripts and MySQL procedures and centralized in optimized database tables. These tables are then used to manage data analysis and reports which are needed by operators to understand the site’s running status.

The installed system performs well in managing alarms and helps resolve malfunctions efficiently and effectively, as alarms are immediately sent to the SCADA which displays them.
In the event of an inverter malfunction, the operator can navigate the screens until reaching the page relating to the inverter in question in order to find all details on the anomaly. Therefore, and in the major part of the cases, the operator is able to have all the information that they need straightaway in order to know how to react and solve the detected problem before physically attending to the inverter.
In addition, the comparison graphs show real-time electric data of several inverters which make it possible for operators to intercept visually malfunctions of an inverter that otherwise would only be detected afterwards when analyzing Energy/Irradiation data stored in the database.



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