Effective solutions for every interconnectivity, OPC UA, data acquisition, gateway and IIoT need


Progea offers comprehensive and innovative industrial communication solutions with the flexibility to adapt to all modern automation connectivity needs.

Progea’s extensive experience in industrial communication has allowed them to provide all the components that users need to manage communications between field devices and their own management and monitoring applications. The Progea software Technologies include a vast number of ommunication protocols which are available through Server OPC applications.

What are OPC Servers?

OPC Servers are applications that make it possible to easily configure  communication protocol parameters to manage address spaces for OPC UA Client application accessibility.

Communication components:
OPC Servers


The modularity of Progea’s  Automation Platform.NExT  technology offers software components for industrial communications that overcome the restrictiveness of traditional OPC UA Servers.

Progea has  vast experience in field device communication technology that include  PLC, RTU, PAC, CNC, Fieldbus, Instrumentation in addition to other industrial device for buildings or infrastructures.  Progea is also a member of the OPC Foundation with significant expertise in OPC UA and OPC DA standard technology.  They offer solutions and simple products to manage connectivity and data collection with third-party management systems by using OPC Server components to manage the various communication protocols.

The Connext Server is OPC foundation-ready and supports the Data Access, Alarm & Conditions and Historical Access specifications.
The OPC UA Server Connext includes a suite of communication protocols, according to category. The user may activate them one at a time, or with the Multidrivers option may have enabled the desired number, also exploiting the Gateway function. The list of communication protocols (Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, BacNet, Ethernet / IP, Konnex, etc.) Is visible on the site, the “Support” section. The Connext Drivers are the same Movicon.NExT.
The Connext Server permits Alarm configurations in order to manage Alarms & Conditions in OPC UA Clients that need it.
The Connext Server fully supports the Redundancy function (Hot Backup).
Licenses are sized by the number of Tags in use.  This means any tag type, such as bit, byte, word, float and double/long 64bit, connected to the field including those defined as structure or array members. The byte, word and other tag types can be pointed to one individual bit.

(Note: Each Structure or Array member counts as one tag).

Each Connext communication protocol supports automatic importing of tags from the field or PLC for quick and easy communication configuring.
The Connext Server provides IIoT protocols to create connectivity solutions on the net.
The Connext Server provides a SDK to allow .NET developers to integrate their own suite of custom protocols.

Beyond the traditional OPC UA Server


The Connext Platform makes connectivity management, monitoring and control much easier for the user.

Progea launches Connext on the market, a product based on many years of experience and expertise in industrial communication protocols and OPC UA technology.  Connext is designed to provide beginner and expert users a high-performance communication solution that is completely reliable and easy to use.